When Roman McConn, who was only 4 years old at the time, and his mother went to a safe home to acquire a puppy, that is when things began to go wrong. In any case, how was it even feasible for him to choose the perfect pet for him when there were so many canines that were in serious need of being rescued? The sight of so many canines frantically searching for their forever homes broke Roman’s heart. He felt terrible for all of them.

However, we feel that he was too young to be capable of coming up with something really creative since he was too young at the time. Regardless of his age, this good-natured young guy had one goal in mind: to become the legendary owner of these canines. It may seem ridiculous, but his mother, who has always believed in encouraging her children to pursue their goals to the utmost extent possible, made it possible for him to have his desire come true. While staring at each of the dogs, Roman would not stop asking his mother why there were so many of them in the shelter and not with someone who would love them. Jen, his mother, made an effort to respond to his inquiries despite the fact that she lacked knowledge of many of the appropriate responses.

On that specific day, the mother and kid acquired a puppy that they called Luna; yet, Roman couldn’t help but think of the other pets that he had previously cared for. Because of his unflinching sincerity, he was able to assure his mother that he was aware of how to aid the surviving animals at the sanctuary. She tried to calm herself down so that she could pay attention to what he had to say.

In addition, his reaction seemed to be neither enough basic nor sufficiently complex. It was his recommendation that the homes of the dogs be located. Naturally, everyone anticipated that, but Roman was too young to even begin to fathom the possibility that it would be anything other than simply to carry out the task. When Jen saw how much Roman needed to give in order for him to be able to spend time with the dogs and have a sense of purpose, she made the choice to let Roman visit the sanctuary as often as was reasonably possible. However, at that time, as more time passed, these two formulated a strategy to begin a work that would get far more attention than they had ever expected it would.

While he was having fun with his new acquaintances, Roman would also read the books and regale them with tales. Roman had a great time interacting with the dogs while Jen took photos and videos of the event. Later, Jen presented interesting information about each dog in the event that it would assist potential adopters in selecting a dog based on what they were looking for in a new pet. Jen’s goal was to help adopters choose a dog based on what they were looking for in a new companion animal.

In one of the endearing clips, Roman is seen interacting with a dog whose name is Sadie. It was possible to overhear the kind-hearted youngster stating, “She’s really timid, and she hasn’t been taught to walk on a leash, so whoever gets her will need to have a lot of patience.” It goes without saying that a lot of people considered these movies to be really cute. On the other hand, they ran into an issue back in the year 2016.

To be more specific, Roman’s father, who is in the Navy, was had to go abroad, and Roman and his mother were required to relocate to the District of Columbia. Unfortunately, this meant that they could no longer go to the high-kill shelter in Texas and continue to assist the dogs there.

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