Because of Jolene the golden retriever’s adorable reaction to seeing her favorite chew toy turn into a life-sized doll, millions of hearts have been broken around the world.

Jolene adores her Gumby chew toy, so seeing it in a giant size has her going gaga!

Emily Crisp, the dog’s owner, knows how much Jolene loves the Gumby stuffed toy, so she decided to surprise her.

Golden retriever can be seen playing with her Gumby toy in the living room when Emily’s boyfriend Ben Mesches enters the room dressed as the character!

Jolene immediately stops playing with her Gumby toy when she sees the real-life Gumby walk into the room.

She’s visibly taken aback by the sight of a giant Gumby in front of her!

Jolene then gets up and walks slowly towards the Gumby statue.

She stands on her hind legs and gives Gumby a long hug as soon as she gets to life-size Gumby!

A video of her ecstatic reaction to seeing her favorite plush toy come to life was shared by Ben on YouTube, where it has since amassed over 14 million views.

Here’s a video of Jolene’s reaction when she sees her favorite toy in a breathing, life-size version:

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