Around this time last year, a wild goose showed up in the pond behind Harry Huff’s cottage. This bird was a brat who pursued, pecked, and bit everybody who came it’s way. However, for some inexplicable reason, this feathery visitor developed feelings for Huff’s bulldog, Sadie.

The unlikeliest of companions quickly became attached, using their paws and webbed feet to explore their part of Harnett County. Huff gave the goose the name Sal, and it promptly assumed the position of guardian of the area, keeping a watchful eye on his canine companion.

One of the neighborhood’s residents, Wanda Holder, said, “That goose rubs his long, long neck on that dog!”

But, alas, the partners have been separated, and heartfelt tributes to the inter-species relationship that they had continued to flood out on social media as people work to bring them back together.

In spite of this, Sadie and Sal roamed farther than they ever had before on a single day, making it all the way out onto N.C. 27, a major highway just outside of Lillington. A sufficient amount of commotion was made by the sight that passing vehicles stopped over and onlookers attempted to grab Sadie and Sal. And ever since they took a photo of the two of them together, it has become something of an Internet phenomenon.

A guy from Sanford remarked in one of his Facebook posts, “We stopped to assist the Canadian geese to keep the bulldog off of the road… and the goose became (mad).” “Began to chase everyone around and tried to attack everyone who came close to the dog,” the witness said. This (thing) is too unbelievable to be true.”

In spite of Sal’s yelping cries, an unidentified lady apparently put a leash around Sadie and wrapped it around her waist. According to what the guy from Sanford wrote, “(The geese) pursued the vehicle with the dog in it for a short time, but eventually gave up.” And now, Sal, who also goes by the name Gary, is walking about her neighborhood honking for waterfowl in a tone that comes off as despondent. Huff said, “He’s been moping around.”

The news of Sadie’s abduction immediately circulated through a couple of missing dog pages on Facebook. One worried reader commented on one of these sites, saying, “I envision a children’s book.

There are many other hypotheses floating about the community outside of Lillington. Why exactly did the strange lady steal the bulldog? Did she believe it was being mistreated, did she feel it was in danger, or did she just want it? Some of the locals have even posited the possibility that the dog is now residing inside a members-only gated neighborhood just down the road, which is a place where geese are not really welcome.

Charles Bull, a neighbor, said that “the goose has been acting strangely.” “He’s been hanging around in my backyard quite a bit recently. I’ve never petted a goose before, but right now I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

According to one interpretation of the Bible, “let no man tear asunder what nature has joined together.” The honks of grief will continue to resound across Harnett County until the goose and the bulldog are reunited.

On the other hand, this is not the first time that a bulldog and a goose have formed a unique relationship! Just have a peek:

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