The fact that Daniel Lissing, an Australian film star, found genuine love with his amazing wife disproves the notion that true love only exists in telenovelas. The actor from “When Calls the Heart” found love with a lady who was unaware of his prominence in the entertainment industry.

The early 2000s marked the beginning of Daniel Lissing’s career as an actor. Fans recognize the Australian-born star most for his role as Jack Thornton in the film “When Calls the Heart,” released in 2014, but he has acted in a number of other films.

In the Hallmark movie, the actor played the part of a hopeless romantic who fell in love with the much-loved Elizabeth Thatcher. But their marriage could not stand the test of time.

In his waking existence, Lissing fashioned a happier fairytale with the lady of his dreams. Both of these love tales are captivating, even if his real-life romance does not have the same tragic ending as the one he portrays on film.

Listing departed the series a few years ago, despite the fact that she was a fan favorite, and at that time, Nadia was the one who called his heart. In response to the question of whether or not he had any regrets about leaving the Hallmark production, he said that he had not.

The actor who starred in “When Calls the Heart” said that his departure from the program altered his perception of reality. He spoke in glowing terms about his encounter with Nadia at the time and said that he would not have had it any other way. He said: “It’s strange how the world operates the way it does. If I had continued on the program, I would never have had the opportunity to talk to Nadia.” The next part of Lissing was:

“I wouldn’t be getting married, and I wouldn’t be at this moment in my life where I feel really kind of in line with what I am supposed to be doing, personally and professionally,” she said. “If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

The famous TV celebrity said, without mincing his words, that his significant other is his life and that the tale of their relationship is the single most essential facet of his existence.

To tell the truth, Lissing is just as important to his wife as she is to him. Nadia spoke up about their connection during a candid discussion with ET’s Deidre Behar. She discussed how the two of them first became acquainted as well as her feelings for him.

Nadia claimed that she had just earned her master’s degree in business and was on the road when she met Lissing in Reykjavik, Iceland. Lissing was also traveling at the time.

She referred to the actor as “a really cheerful, somewhat inebriated Australian” when describing their interaction in a pub. She said he was extremely joyful. Nadia appreciated his good looks, but she couldn’t help but believe that he was being completely insane. They began to feel a connection almost immediately, which was difficult to dismiss. In her words:

“There was an immediate connection between them that went beyond anything physical, mental, or that could even be explained. Because of the way he makes me feel, I get the impression that we have always been familiar with one another. He simply gets me at my core and I get him like no one other.”

Nadia did not realize that the dashing actor was a famous person, despite the fact that she had fallen hopelessly in love with him. When she watched the responses of their supporters after their third or fourth encounter, she had an epiphany.

Even though it was strange to her at first, she came to appreciate and admire her beau’s artistic ability and originality with time. Since then, Nadia has been his biggest admirer.

In the year 2019, Lissing made the decision to take their relationship to the next level by proposing to Nadia. Before the end of the year, the actor shared with his audience a sweet photo of himself and his soon-to-be fiancee, in which their lips were joined together.

He had barely finished asking Nadia to marry him when she gave him an enthusiastic yes and posted images of the private proposal on her Instagram account, revealing to her followers the understated but sophisticated square-cut gem. It was written in her caption:

“I couldn’t think of anybody else I’d rather spend the rest of my life with.”

Lissing, still giddy from the exhilaration of the occasion, related the specifics of it later when she was being interviewed. He said that it was a home-based concept with a variety of sounds playing in the background. He said:

“I kept things pretty basic. I questioned her when we were at home. On the day of her birthday. I merely spoke what was on my mind. Despite this, I have my doubts that she caught a single word. There was a great deal of joy shown by shrieking and sobbing. Likewise, she was acting the same way.”

In addition, he was pleased with himself since the engagement ring was just what he had been looking for. The actor said that it was a bracelet with a platinum-colored stone that was encircled by several little diamonds. The couple’s love was encapsulated in the one-of-a-kind design of the ring, which was acquired from Tiffany & Co.

Despite Nadia’s certainty that they were in love with one another, she was taken aback by the proposal. She acknowledged that she was overcome with happiness and said that there was a great deal of anticipation in the air on that particular day (she cried, and they danced around the house).

After the charming proposal, the couple got down to the business of organizing their very first wedding ceremony. Nadia detailed that the event would take place in the summer and that it would use the waterfront as its location to host a variety of entertaining activities. In her words:

“Since we both like being in the water, [it will take place in the] summer! In a perfect world, there would be white beaches, palm trees, and the ocean.”

The pair never disclosed either the fact that their future ceremony will be held in Bali or that they had the most brilliant brains working on the idea with them. Nadia continued by saying that Lissing’s sister, Tamara, would be in charge of the preparations to ensure that they had a day to remember.

Even though Nadia has admitted that she has complete faith in Tamara to organize the schedule for the day, there are certain aspects of the event that will not be altered. These aspects include having loved ones present, such as family and friends, celebrating in the appropriate location, and having a good time.

Lissing disclosed the news that they were married some months after they had first shared their intentions. The wedding ceremony consisted of the couple tying the knot in front of only two witnesses; it was a very private event. Because of the widespread coronavirus epidemic, they decided to postpone the big celebration till a later date. The actor from Australia elaborated as follows:

“We are putting aside all of our unique details and elaborate decorations for the huge family wedding that we are planning for the following year. Wedding planner and everything. It’s going to be an incredible wedding, but completely different from the one that was just for the two of us.”

The pair is already married, regardless of whether or not they decide to have a huge ceremony, and the goal for them now is to live together peacefully. Since the couple tied the knot in a low-key ceremony in 2020, they have been making the most of their time together as husband and wife by going on romantic outings and showering each other with compliments on social media.

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