In the midst of the recent drought in California, Kourtney Kardashian has come under fire for her excessive water use.

Residents of Las Virgenes Water District have been given the directive to reduce their water use ever since the district declared a drought emergency back in December. According to the LAist, towards the beginning of this year, residents of “Agoura Hills, Calabasas, and other adjacent areas” were “ordered to decrease their outdoor water consumption by half.”

According to documents that CBS News was able to get, the water use at Kardashian’s mansion in Calabasas, California, was far more than what individuals were directed to use.

According to the findings of the investigation, the residence, which has an estimated value of 8 million dollars, used 245% of the water budget that was available to it during the month of May. Additionally, it was said that this was the fourth month that the budget for the reality star’s house (who is 43 years old) went over.

On Twitter, users criticized Kardashian and accused her of being “entitled” and “inconsiderate” of other people who needed water during the drought. They made their accusations against Kardashian using the social media platform.

Someone stated that it didn’t come as a surprise to them that Kourtney Kardashian used up four times the quantity of water that she was permitted to drink. “She’s always been a spoiled a-hole,” said her husband.

Someone another chimed in and said,  “I cannot believe the amount of water you use. Because of your utter lack of consideration, they ought to assess you with an exorbitant fine.

A third individual has apparently commented on an Instagram post made by one of the Poosh founders in April in honor of Earth Day. In the post, the Poosh creator discussed how much she loved the world and expressed her desire to take better care of it.

“I adore the land, and I’m really organic,” Ms. Kourtney said. Despite the terrible drought, Kardashian is using 245% of her allotted water supply, according to a person who posted their observation on Twitter.

The news from CBS has also been reshared on the Reddit site known as KUWTK. There, commenters have harshly criticized Kardashian and her family for being “wasteful” in regards to a variety of issues, not limited to their use of water.

“In a nutshell, the quantity of rubbish that this family generates is beyond ridiculous. One person commented that “no one needs the quantity of food or gifts that they have.”

They also said that Kardashian ought to suffer a monetary penalty for exceeding the allotment that had been set aside for her use of water, with one of them stating: “She ought to be embarrassed, and she ought to be harshly penalized.” Whoever buys her s*** that says “I’m an ecological gal” really needs to get their sh*t together.

Aside from Kardashian, the study states that Sylvester Stallone’s $18 million house consumed 351% of its water budget in May and that his home also went over budget for at least four months. The research also mentions that Sylvester Stallone’s home went over budget for at least four months.

According to Joe McDermott, who works for the Las Virgenes Water District, a person will be required to pay a fee if they go over their permitted budget by more than 150 percent for a period of at least two months.

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