A senior boxer was recently saved from a drainage pitch that emerges from a perilous section of the motorway. Despite several challenges, the rescue operation was a success.

When Danhy Drago, a local, observed a dog stranded in the Los Angeles city drain, he got in touch with the animal rescue group to ask for assistance. Eldad Hagar, a rescuer, arrived on the scene right away with Danhy’s assistance.

The puppy was discovered to be concealed in the drainage pipe adjacent to a very hazardous section of the freeway. The unfortunate dog could easily be hit by a moving automobile if he ran in any direction.

Fortunately, Eldad saw the dog, who turned out to be an elderly Boxer. The dog fell into the drainpipe after waking up. The man also wished for him to carry out this action.

Through the dog’s microchip, they eventually learned his name is Max. A week earlier, he had run away from his house due to his fear of fireworks.

Max now reunites with his family, a happy ending for him and his family. Love and kindness coming at the right time can save one’s life.

By Anna

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