Paws 4 Hope got a report about an elderly dog that was chained up and had no food nor water available to him. His owner had passed away four years earlier, and he had been left in the care of an older adult, who ultimately neglected him.

The canine patient, who was 12 years old, had serious skin problems, was toothless, was exceedingly filthy, and hadn’t been given a bath in who knows how long.

They decided to give this adorable puppy the name “Roger,” and they rushed him to the closest veterinarian in order to provide him the assistance he needed.

Before settling in with a loving foster home, Roger got the much-required medical treatment and a wash that he needed. Intestinal parasites, anemia, and issues with his skin and hearing are among the conditions he is being treated for at this time.

Roger had an inner and outer transformation as a result of the love and assistance he received from the people who rescued him, the professionals at the veterinary clinic, and his foster mother.

By Elen

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