When volunteers from Soul Dog Rescue came discovered an emaciated dog standing all by herself on a busy stretch of highway, they immediately realized that they had to save her. They rapidly came to the realization, however, that getting near enough to aid would be difficult.

“She did not want anything to do with us, nor did we have a trap, which would have made things simpler,” Soul Dog Rescue stated on Facebook. “But she needed care, and we weren’t going without her.”

The dog, who the people who found it eventually called Joss, had a terrible case of tapeworm and seemed to be in a lot of pain when they found him.

A local kettle corn seller was the only other sign of life that they were able to discover on Joss’s portion of the route. This vendor seemed to be familiar with the dog. The seller explained to the people who came to her rescue that Joss was not his dog, but that he had been feeding her kettle corn whenever he got the chance.

Wirth stated, “He claimed she’d been there for weeks, and that he would feed her a handful of kettle corn when he could.” “He said she’d been there for weeks,” It’s likely the kettle corn is what has allowed her to continue living.

In the beginning, Joss was resistant to moving from her area, but in the end, she succumbed in to the wet food that Soul Dog had put in their metal box in order to trap her. Wirth said that “she did not want to come with us and did not seem delighted to be captured.”

However, when Joss understood that her unanticipated transfer would come with regular, big meals, she began to feel more positive about the situation.

According to Wirth, “She was always, constantly, constantly hungry.” “During the first week, she would basically eat till she would burst, so I had to put a limit on how much she could consume,” I said.

Joss was able to recuperate from her diseases while staying at Wirth’s house in the interim period between being rescued from the roadway and being adopted by a loving family after a lengthy delay. Wirth had a sneaking suspicion that this was Joss’s very first time in any kind of residence.

According to Wirth, “going inside was quite terrifying for her.” “She was completely unaware of what was taking place.”

During the first few days of her stay, according to Wirth, Joss was very afraid and hesitant around her foster family; nevertheless, she slowly warmed up to them and became more comfortable with them.

According to Wirth, “By the end of the two weeks, she wanted to be everywhere with us, basically following us around the house,” and this desire emerged toward the conclusion of the treatment period. “Every time I turned around, she was simply sitting there, smiling broadly at me, content in the knowledge that she was among the people she loved,”

Just a few weeks after discovering what “home” meant with Wirth, Joss, now known as Coco, discovered the folks who would remain in her life forever. The adoptive couple have also just finished a major shift, which means that the friendly dog who used to live on the highway has been relocated to a brand-new home that has been built specifically for her and the people who adore her.

According to Wirth, “She is extremely content and just like living in a house.” Wirth feels that Coco is exactly where she should be, despite the fact that she misses her sometimes.

Donate to Soul Dog Rescue so that dogs in need of care, like Joss, may receive the assistance they need.

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