When Robert first made the decision to relocate from California to Ohio seven years ago, his preparations had to be put on hold since he couldn’t find his best buddy and cherished pet, a cat called Chebon. They had a unique bond, and as a result, they were never apart from one another. Because of this, Robert decided to postpone his move in order to remain in the area and look for his cat.

He alerted his friends, as well as local animal charities and shelters, and asked them to call for assistance. But after a year of trying with no success and achieving no results, he was forced to try something else. He was very devastated and had given up hope of ever being able to reconcile with his cat, which was 12 years old.

After not having seen Chebon for seven years, Robert was certain that he had permanently parted ways with his feline companion. But then there was some positive news, and something unthinkable took place. In the beginning of this month, he was taken aback when he got an unexpected phone call informing him that Chebon was still alive. At first, Robert was concerned that there must be some kind of misunderstanding. But that wasn’t the case.

Chebon was found on the side of the road looking very ill by a nice lady, who then brought him to a veterinarian in the area. Chebon was blessedly in fairly good health despite having spent a considerable amount of time living on the streets. After checking the microchip, the workers determined that Robert was the rightful owner of the item. They also found out that he was really 19 years old after doing more investigation.

After promptly making his travel arrangements, Robert flew to Los Angeles and then drove to the Camarillo Animal Shelter. When he arrived at the shelter, he was escorted to a separate room immediately. The instant that he opened the cardboard box that held his new cat, tears of joy instantly began to roll down his face.

Robert was experiencing such strong feelings that he burst into tears without delay. And not a single person in the room was able to keep a dry eye. Chebon was taken aback at first, but after a moment he recognized that it was his master. The cat climbed out of the box and embraced his owner with his paws as if he had finally realized he was in a secure environment.

Randy Friedman, the marketing manager for Ventura County Animal Services, told The Dodo that “everyone in that room” was sobbing, including another animal control officer. “There was another animal control officer and she was crying, I was tearing up.” “It was incredible from the very beginning to the very end, and all of it was made possible by a microchip.”

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