Missy Peregrym, who stars in “FBI,” has made sure that her personal life is even more engaging than her profession onscreen, which is thrilling in its own right. The most unusual occurrence took place just before she made the announcement that she would be taking some time off from her job.

The actress had a clandestine wedding to Zachary Levi in the beginning of their relationship, but after a short time together, they divorced, and she went back to using her maiden name. The couple only remained married for one year, from 2014 to 2015, and they did not have any children together. The couple cited their inability to reconcile their differences as the cause for the breakup of their relationship.

Despite this, Peregrym did not waste any time in finding love again, and by the year 2018, she had already met and married fellow actor Tom Oakley, with whom she had a family practically soon after their marriage.

Even though the divorce was a trying period for the pair, it seemed that Peregrym had a positive attitude regarding romantic relationships since, shortly after her breakup with Levi, she uploaded a statement from Maya Angelou in which she said:

“Who am I to live as if God is unable to heal my wounds, redeem my circumstances, and love me to the extent that I need him to?” Normal? I make the choice to receive; thus, I accept… Have the bravery to trust love one more time, and remember that there is always one more chance. Maya Angelou.”

She gave birth to the couple’s first kid exactly one year after the joyful pair tied the knot and became a married couple. After two years, the couple has added two new little feet to their family, and both their fans and their peers in the entertainment industry are thrilled by the news.

The happy news that the couple had just welcomed a new member into the family was enthusiastically received. Nevertheless, the method of childbirth that Peregrym used in order to bring her daughter into the world is something that is not seen very often, particularly when it is performed by celebrities.


In the month of December in 2018, Peregrym and Oakley were married on a Sunday. After the New Year of 2019, an Instagram post that was published by Peregrym and included images from their wedding became the first public confirmation of their marriage.

The photos make it clear that even though the wedding was a formal way of declaring their love for one another, it was a laid-back event for the couple because they wore sneakers and struck a cute pose in one of the photos. Even though the wedding was a formal way of declaring their love for one another, it was a laid-back event for the couple.

Everyone who attended the wedding had a good time, and a source close to the couple verified that they had a laid-back approach to the wedding planning process and that the primary emphasis was on the pair’s love for one another:

“It was a cozy and enjoyable evening that was spent with family and close friends,”

The wedding ceremony and reception were so laid back that the couple’s dog played a significant role in the festivities. In fact, the dog was even included in the post that announced the couple’s marriage, which was signed by Peregrym with the phrase “Love Tom, Missy, and Charly.”


A little over a year after the couple had said “I do,” they made the happy announcement that they were going to become parents for the first time together. Peregrym’s Instagram page was the source of the information that once again spread the story. On that page, she posted a picture of three pairs of shoes, one of which was a kid’s size.

The tweet was received with positive comments and well wishes from both fans and other celebrities. Otis, who was born in March 2020 and is their first and only kid, has been an only child up to this point. On the other hand, he just just become an older brother.

Peregrym made the announcement that she was expecting her second kid with Oakely in February of 2022 by posting a video of her first child, Otis, jokingly hitting her baby belly. The couple already had one child together. After that, she discussed her thoughts about becoming a mother as follows:

“Working full time while breastfeeding has proven to be one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever faced. ” I’m still trying to make sense of all the changes that have occurred in my life. However, the happiness that he brought me by poking my eye is absolutely priceless.

It was made abundantly evident by Peregrym that being a working mother was not an easy task; yet, she said that she was content to fulfill this role while Otis was still small. However, now that her daughter has been born, she has resolved to devote a greater portion of her attention to her family than she has in the past.

The fact that Peregrym enjoys working for “FBI” does not change the fact that she has expressed the desire to spend more time with her family, namely with her husband and her children, before the latter reach adulthood. She has said that she intends to put these intentions into action.


Peregrym chose to give birth to her second child, Mela, in a somewhat different manner compared to how she gave birth to her first child, Otis, who was born normally in a hospital. Mela was born in the comfort of her own home using a natural birthing method called water birth.

Peregrym shared that it was a profound experience for her because, although giving birth is typically all about the baby, having a water birth at home meant that she was also cared for, supported, and loved all the way through the process of Mela’s birth. This made it a profound experience for Peregrym.

The heartfelt post was filled with all of Peregrym’s thoughts on water births as opposed to hospital births, as well as many thanks to the people who assisted her during the delivery, including the medical professionals. Additionally, the post was filled with many thanks to the people who assisted her during the delivery.

She claimed that she was able to bring her daughter into the world because she had her closest friend there with her as she gave birth to her baby. This provided her the strength she needed to deliver her daughter into the world. She said:

“She declined an offer of employment in order to stay with us, making the decision to take part in the development of our family, of which she is a member. I feel cherished.”

The celebrity praised her husband for “stepping up” and enabling her to do what she needed to do so that she could feel like she could be there for the length of her daughter’s birth. In addition, the actress thanked her husband for allowing her to do what she needed to do. She went on to describe in minute detail her time away from the workplace.

Before she expressed how appreciative she was to have the chance to take time off work to be with her family, she said that although “FBI” will be returning to screens soon, she would not be returning to the show just yet even though it would be returning shortly.

The post revealed her short-term goals and intentions for the future, including the fact that she would continue to remain out from the limelight for some time to come, with her comeback not occurring until September.

“@fbicbs will be restarting in a few weeks, but I won’t be able to participate since I’ll be going back to work in September. I am overjoyed and glad that I will have the opportunity to spend time with my family, to relax and get well, and to fulfill my role as a mother.

As the Oakely family adjusts to life as a unit of four, we hope that their journey into the future is filled with nothing but love, health, and prosperity, as well as happiness.

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