This is so sweet and funny! Those kinds of pictures are the best. His partner K-9 likes him. Dogs can tell who is good and who isn’t.

The officer and his dog work for Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) police force. I recently sat down for an official photo shoot, but instead of acting like a pro, the dog used the time to get some serious cuddles.

Policeman Knach and Kenobi always train for bad situations like finding (missing) people, finding evidence of crimes, and finding (illegally) taken wild animals. They are going after the bad guys together. What a beautiful team K9 and officer make!

Kenobi really likes his partner, and Knach, the police officer, feels the same way.

Your dog is telling you that you are a wonderful person. Thanks for everything you do for everyone!

Animals can tell when people have a good heart. They are genuine, honest, and accurate to the things they love because that’s just how they are.

As you can see, this dog is really happy with his owner and his partner.


By Anna

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