When an animal has a baby, it’s usually a good thing because there aren’t many things cuter than a baby animal. But one Dalmatian mother’s huge new family has left people speechless… and referring to a certain Disney movie.

Luna the Dalmatian was going to have puppies, so her owners in Fredericksburg, Texas, took her to the Fredericksburg Veterinary Center on June 24 for an emergency C-section.

KSAT says that five of the cubs were born naturally, but the sixth could not come out on its own. Brittni Turner, who is a veterinarian, did the surgery and helped Luna give birth to her other babies.

The size of the litter, on the other hand, shocked everyone: she had 16 cubs!

Turner told KSAT, “I was so busy getting ready for surgery that I didn’t even look at how many puppies there were.” “When they were operating on us, he would take out one puppy at a time, and we had to call all of our receptionists and workers to help clean and revive the puppies,” the woman says.

The vet said that it was the biggest litter of dogs to be born through a cesarean section. “That’s what the staff always said,” “I can’t get anymore because then I’d get two more,” she said. “There was complete chaos.”

Turner says that the vet staff makes a lot of jokes and that the whole scene is obviously taken from the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians.

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