Every day, strays have a hard time. It’s hard to even find food and water.

Keeping safe from the weather is another thing you have to do every day. People don’t realize that some people really hurt stray animals because they see them as “pests.” Even though it’s sad, animal cruelty happens in many places where there are no laws against it.

A man on drugs hit a puppy a lot, even though it hadn’t hurt anyone. Her wounds could have killed her.

The puppy, whose name was later changed to Leona, was found on the ground all alone. She had trouble keeping her balance, her ears were infected, and her limbs were badly hurt. She was so sick that she couldn’t even stand up. She was lying down, hoping that someone would help her.

Thank goodness, someone did that!

Leona was treated immediately when she was just a baby. The doctor could tell right away that she needed surgery to live. Leona was also hurting a lot.

The doctor gave her pain medicine right away through an IV. Leona’s tears were real, and you could see them. But things were about to get better, thank goodness!

The operation on Leona went very well. She will need some time to get better, but things are going well so far. She is also being cared for by a kind animal rescuer who promises to do everything she can to find her the perfect home. Let’s say prayers for Leona! She has earned it.

By Anna

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