Every puppy has to be handled with tender loving care. They are not equipped to go out on their own and seek for food, as stated by ilovemydogsomuch.com.

It is quite probable that a newborn puppy will starve to death if it is abandoned when terrified. Even fully grown dogs have trouble locating sources of water and protection from the elements.

After being found walking the street by himself for some time, this small youngster was found to be in a terrible state. He was sitting there, his head nearly entirely shaved, caressing his flesh. The most upsetting feature was that he seemed to not deserve a pleasant existence as he bowed his head down. This was the most troubling aspect. His rescuers were very heartbroken to hear this! This dog had not only reached his physical, but also mental and emotional breaking point; he was completely spent.

The Brazilians who saved the puppy decided to call it Sardinha after their country. He was quite quiet, yet at the same time really nice. Some of the locals believe that when he became sick, they evicted him from his home without his will. Others said that he spent a lot of time loitering about the neighborhood. It was irrelevant how he arrived at this location. What took occurred after that was significant at this very moment!

The rescuers take the timid dog to the veterinarian for treatment. He is a total disarray. The impoverished child suffers from a variety of ailments, including scabies, worms, and eye infections. Astonishingly, he came to the realization that everyone he had met ever since he had been taken off the streets was there to help him. After a little period of inactivity, the dog begins to slowly raise his head and establish eye contact. This was a HUGE accomplishment in his eyes.

It will be challenging to convince Sardinha that he is deserving of love and devotion on the part of others. However, no one will ever stop trying to help him. The organization was contacted by a really kind lady who has a soft spot in her heart for canines. In the past, she has volunteered her assistance with rescues. Due to a lack of money, it is simply not possible to construct an adequate animal shelter. The next step for the lovely guy to do is to move in with her! She is going to be an excellent foster mother for the dog that is deserving of it.

Sardinha goes through quite a metamorphosis over a short period of time (a few days). The dog, who had previously been seen hanging his head in complete and total humiliation, has started to exhibit his fun side. He enjoys playing fetch and chasing toys, although at first he is nervous about doing so. The moment he understands that he is, in fact, secure, he will start wagging his tail and smiling. It certainly is a sight to see of some magnitude!

One of the local families observed Sardinha playing outside and inquired about his status after learning that his foster mother usually takes in youngsters in need of a home. They are interested in meeting him to see whether or not he would get along well with their children. A week later, the adoption paperwork is finally finalized! Now Sardinha has a permanent abode. The famished and almost bald dog is now prepared to receive limitless attention for the rest of its life. This is exactly the kind of satisfying resolution we had hoped for! We are grateful to all who came to our aid. Sardinha is worthy of each and every one of these things. To learn more about his rescue and subsequent change, scroll down.

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