The link that K9s enjoy with their fellow comrades is one of a kind and unbreakable, despite the fact that they may not be partners for the rest of their lives. Dogs are the best possible friends. Because of this, when it is finally time for a K9 cop to retire, the experience is often too stressful for both the dog and the officer who worked with him.

An officer gives a radio homage to a faithful comrade in celebration of the latter’s last day of active service, which makes for a moment that is incredibly endearing to see. The K9 dog was unaware that it was his time to retire; so, he just hopped into the patrol vehicle as he would have done on any other day of his life. However, his trainer made the decision to let him have his day in the spotlight. A recognition that was entirely due to him! The camera in the police cruiser captured the touching event just as it happened!

An amazingly well-trained German Shepherd named Faust worked as a K9 cop for the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Police Department for close to eight years. Faust served the department throughout that time. Due to the nature of their work as members of the Explosives Detection and Patrol, Faust and his handler, Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer, were put in perilous situations on a regular basis when on operations. This made the job difficult. Despite this, the two had always shown a great deal of commitment and enthusiasm for their profession, particularly the four-legged officer, who had been honored with a great number of accolades along the road. However, all good things must come to an end, and so did Faust’s time spent working as a K9. Therefore, when the time came for him to retire, his business partner gave him an appropriate homage.

On Faust’s final day as an officer, rather than sending him and officer Schaffer out on a mission, the dispatcher gave an emotional address to the devoted canine in lieu of sending them on a mission. Faust would always perk up his ears whenever he heard the radio.

“After eight years and one day of duty as an explosive detection and police service K-9, Faust has just finished his last shift, and he is now officially retired,” he stated. Faust’s retirement comes into effect today. “Faust, I want to express my gratitude for your assistance!”

What a thoughtful and heartfelt gesture for such a dependable cop. Watch the breathtaking scene in the video down below!

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