Brodie is a one-of-a-kind canine. At the vulnerable age of 13 days, the German shepherd and border collie mix dog showed incredible bravery by surviving an assault by his own mother. However, as a result of the incident, the young animal now has irreversible facial deformities and is half blind. Since then, Brodie has taken on the appearance of a Picasso painting, but he is much cuter than Picasso, winning the hearts of everyone who meet him thanks to his kind nature and courageous character.

Thankfully, Brodie has found his new permanent home with Amanda Richter and her partner Brad Ames, and everyone is getting along swimmingly. The dog is so lovable that practically everyone he meets adores him, and he even has 159 thousand people following his Instagram account. Additionally, Brodie is now undergoing training to become a therapy dog. Amanda, who reassured Brodie’s followers that the dog is as content as ever, stated that they have plans to one day train the dog to become a therapy dog so that he may assist other people who struggle with disabilities.

After being assaulted by his mother when Brodie was only 13 days old, he received significant cranial and facial damage as a result of the incident. The jaws of the young animal eventually fused together, which left his face scarred and caused him to be partially blind.

After his initial adoption, Brodie seemed to have found the family that would be with him forever. However, not long after that, the dog’s former owner made the decision to send him back to Old MacDonald Kennels in Alberta, Canada, citing the fact that he was “too energetic.”

Brodie was fortunate enough to quickly find a new forever family who do not worry about the odds against him and think he was destined to be with them.

The tale of Brodie moved the hearts of many people, but his new forever family, Amanda Richter, age 30, and her partner, Brad Ames, age 23, were especially moved.

They were immediately taken with the puppy after seeing an internet picture of it and fell in love at first sight. They spent the day going to the shelter and adopting him, and ever since then, they haven’t been able to stay away from one other.

“He certainly has a lot of energy, but he is quite bright. According to Amanda, who spoke to Metro, “His brain is totally healthy, and he learns tricks within ten minutes, on average, which tells me that he is a brilliant youngster.”

This cute and courageous puppy is now undergoing training to become a therapy dog so that he may assist those who are coping with the challenges of living with a handicap.

Before joining the family who will be with him till the end of time, Brodie had previously been adopted but was returned to the shelter because of his boundless amount of energy.

Now, his mum is assisting him in his training to become a therapy dog so that he may assist others who struggle with obvious differences and impairments. Amanda said that “He simply needed patience and someone to be consistent,” but she went on to note that Brodie has a lot of skills and improves with each passing week.

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