On the side of the road, a package was discovered by a kind and helpful stranger. This package looked like a rolled-up blanket, but it really contained a dog who was very sick and on its way to passing away.

The frail puppy, who was eventually given the name Harris, consisted of little but skin and bones. Immediately, he was sent to the medical facility that is part of the Stray Rescue of Saint Louis (SR).

To our great regret, it was clear that Harris had not just been abandoned. He suffered from severe abandonment and maltreatment. We don’t understand what could possibly drive a human being to inflict pain on such a beautiful animal. It’s a relief to know that there are a LOT more decent individuals in our world than there are wicked ones. You will notice that Harris makes a lot of friends along the road who are willing to do whatever to help him have a happy and healthy life. These friends will stop at nothing to make this happen for Harris.

When he first entered, Harris did not respond to him in any way. The clinical personnel attended to his wounds and administered pain medicine and fluids intravenously as they attended to his injuries. The volunteers sat down next to him and awaited the adorable child’s response as they did so. The only thing left to do was wait.

The staff at SR created a sign for Harris to remind him that he is loved, that his life counts, and most importantly, that he is courageous. They did this because they were aware that maintaining a fighting spirit and keeping psychologically strong are important components of the recovery process.

As more time passed and it became clear that Harris was not reacting well, a volunteer at the sanctuary made the decision to sleep with him in order to provide support. See! We did tell you that there are a lot more good individuals in this world than there are nasty ones.

At first, it was necessary to insert a feeding tube into Harris; but, only a few days later, he was able to raise his head up and consume on his own! Have a look at him! What a tough little competitor!

The next thing we know, it seems like in the blink of an eye, little Harris is sitting up and taking a bath! Take a look at this man; he is very adorable! That bottom lip is very unnecessary.

As quickly as you can blink, Harris will take his first steps. What a marvel of nature! He first requires help, but as you’ll see in the video clip that follows, he quickly improves to the point where he can walk alone.

Every day, Harris astounds the rescue volunteers with fresh feats that he has accomplished. They really doubted that he would be able to get through this. They obviously thought that they would never give up, but each time Harris accomplished anything, his human friends were shocked. Of course, they believed that they would never give up. They persisted in referring to him as a miracle. And without a doubt, he is!

Harris continues to make his saviors happy with each new accomplishment. He is always smiling, and right now, he exudes an even greater amount of self-assurance. Even though he is still in the healing process, there is no reason to doubt that he will make a FULL recovery and find the ideal home for the rest of his life.

Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to learn more about Harris and his extraordinary path toward change and hope by watching the video clip that may be seen below. Think about making a contribution to the Wander off Rescue of Saint Louis. They are genuinely amazing on top of that!

By Anna

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