In animal shelters, rescue groups, and foster homes located all around the globe, there are many pets who are patiently awaiting adoption into their forever families. Sadly, there are some individuals who never manage to find a place that they can call home. A dog like this has a good chance of spending his whole life in the Villalobos rescue center, which was visited by Tia Torres and her beautiful family.

Summer, a senior dog at Villalobos, has been owned by the Torres family for a longer period of time than any other dog at their facility. Tia was on the verge of giving up hope that Summer might one day discover genuine joy in her life. The cute canine has received all of the love and care that she deserves from the Torres family, who have done all in their power to create place for her.

According to Tia, she and my children spent a significant portion of their childhoods together. Exactly that much time has passed since summer began at Villalobos. Since she was a little over a month old, Summer has been living at the animal shelter. She has matured over the years. Tia’s feelings are wounded since the sweet child has never been provided a home by anybody in the past.

Because to circumstances beyond her control, she is still present. In the footage that may be seen below, Tia makes the following assertion: “She was overlooked. Summer’s physical health is starting to decline as she gets older. The severe arthritis she suffers from has caused her legs to bend in an awkward way. Her speed decreases somewhat. On the other hand, it’s possible that she’s a happy and appreciative dog.

The Torres family does not have the intestinal fortitude to relinquish any of their pets, which is why the rescue facility is home to such a big number of canines. During their hunt for the perfect partner, Tia and her family do their best to have an understanding of what prospective adoptive parents are searching for. In addition to this, the family finds out about their houses and arranges them in accordance with this information. Typically, they offer a selection of several different canines from which to choose. The ‘candidates’ are then shown to the families, who pick the one who responds to their requirements in the most satisfactory manner. Even though there have been a lot of opportunities for adopters to choose Summer, she has never been picked.

Then, as if by some act of divine providence, a program geared specifically for the summer appeared. Eileen, the person who is considering adopting Summer, saw a picture of her on the Villalobos senior page and immediately had the feeling that Summer was meant to be with her. When Eileen finally returned home, the Torres family was quite excited to finally meet the well-deserved puppy.

In the center, Xia Xia made her way carefully into the area while simultaneously disclosing her age. However, this does not discourage Eileen in the least. She lowers herself to the earth so that she may meet and welcome Summer.

The dog days of summer are finally here. It is the most adorable sight to take in! The Torres family is known for being honest and forthright with all of the adopters, and they explain that due to Summer’s elderly age and general state of health, they are skeptical that she would survive for a whole year. Would Eileen be put off by this? No. Eileen only uses the phrase, “She needs us.” Eileen goes on to say that if she didn’t adopt Summer and later found out that the girl had given up the ghost while in the midst, never having the opportunity to be in a family, it would crush her heart and she wouldn’t be able to live with herself.

Find out what happens next by watching the video that has been provided below! And please remember, ALL pets deserve a permanent home. Regardless of the age of the person!

By Elen

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