In point of fact, they had been together since since Akela was just a little puppy. Nobody could have predicted that Akela would grow up to be as large as a wolf since he was around the same size as the majority of the other puppies.

Animals such as the Akela have a reputation for being unrivaled stalkers and hunters in many parts of the world. They hunt in groups and pursue their prey together.

Although he presents himself as a powerful figure, Akela is in fact quite kind and endearing to Musienko. The energetic wolf tries to play with his partner by jumping on his back when they are together in order to stimulate their sense of humor.

The large dog is now attempting to chew on Musienko’s sweatshirt while also placing his paws on his friend’s shoulders. Musienko is doing his best to maintain his composure while also keeping track on Akela’s momentum and load.

It does not seem to be a simple task to wrestle with Akela. They had developed a strong relationship with one another, and it was clear that they could depend on one another. Akela also fiercely nibbles Musienko, who does not seem bothered by having his fingers in Akela’s mouth at any given time.

Musienko planned to construct a much larger walled in area for Akela so that he would have more room to run about and play in the new space. A remarkable closeness exists between them, and Akela values having his companion near by.

By Elen

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