The little child, who was three years old at the time, and Naida wandered out into the nearby woods at some point and were disoriented in the thick vegetation.

It had been well over four days by the time the Chikitovas were in a position to notify the police about their daughter’s disappearance. The place in question lacked any kind of phone network. The inhabitants of the area were aware of the challenges that a young girl would face if she attempted to traverse the wild bear territory. The fact that Naida was with Karina was the only thing that brought them comfort.

The whole community worked together to look for the child over the course of many days, but they were unable to find any trace of him. After a few weeks had passed, everyone began to have the worst of fears due to the fact that there was a distinct probability that Karina had truly starved to death or been attacked by a wild animal.

Naida’s discovery provided the search crew with a glimmer of optimism as they neared the conclusion of their 11-day mission. They followed the dog with hope and terror mingled in their hearts at the same time. They discovered Karina laying motionless in the grass bed that Naida had really constructed for her, and it was a scene that was entirely and completely awful.

After enduring 12 nights of harsh conditions in the wilderness, Karina emerged emaciated and utterly dehydrated. She stayed there for many days after being admitted. When she had fully recovered, she shared with everyone that she had Naida to thank for the fact that she is still alive today!

Not only had the obedient dog protected Karina from the dangerous beasts, but he had also managed to keep her warm despite the subzero weather. Naida was the one who was concerned about getting back home while Karina kept going by sustaining herself by eating berries and drinking river water. The anxious dog did, in the end, go out to locate the people who were trying to help, and he directed them to the location where Karina had hidden.

Karina had been attacked by a large number of pathogenic bugs, and as a result, she was very emaciated. Nevertheless, the strong girl made a slow but steady recovery. She is now training to become a dancer and has many fantasies of dancing the ballet in her eyes.

Concerning Naida, it’s safe to say that most people look up to her as a role model. In recognition of the valor shown by the dog, the municipal authorities have really erected a glistening statue of Karina and Naida in their town square.

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