Ashley is a pit bull who is 6 years old and lives with firefighters in New York City (FDNY). She loves being a firefighter, and the firefighters love her too. She spends the whole day with them, and she even has her own seat in the fire truck.

Before she moved to the firehouse, she was a poor dog whose family didn’t care for her. Her former owners didn’t feed her much and didn’t take her outside very often. In the end, they just left her behind. Erica Mahnken, who helped start No More Pain Rescue, and her fiance Michael Favor saved her and gave her a second chance at life. She was saved when she was 1 year old, in January of 2017.

The two people found out that Ashley’s family had left her alone to find a warm place to stay. She was in bad shape and had to take care of herself, but she still hoped that her owners would come back to get her.

When Favor and Mahnken found her, she was lucky that she wasn’t hurt. When Favor walked her out, she couldn’t hide how happy she was.

Mahnken said, “She came running down and was so happy.” “She ran straight to my car and got in.”

Ashley was underweight and needed a foster home to help her gain weight and heal her broken heart. Because of this, Mahnken and Favor asked the firefighters at the FDNY if they could take care of Ashley until they could find her a good home. Ashley was lucky that the firefighters agreed to keep her.

Ashley was thrilled to have a new home with nice people.

“As soon as she walked into the firehouse, her tail started wagging, and she licked everyone and said hello,” Mahnken said.

Ashley now lives full-time at the firehouse. After all, she has a home that will only love and care for her.

You can follow Ashley on Instagram if you want to see more pictures of her having fun at the fire station.

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