Because of this particular quality, the cat known as Valkyrie, who is very cute and fluffy, has become the latest viral phenomenon on the internet. The appearance of the black cat is hauntingly reminiscent of a human face, which is highly unusual for a cat. Tatiana Rastorgueva, who is now caring for the young Maine Coon, named Valkyrie, posted a video and a few pictures of the unusual cat on her Instagram account. Many users expressed their admiration for the unique pet.

This cat with a face that looks almost exactly like a human’s is now all over the internet.

It is not quite apparent what physical characteristics give her away as a human cat; it might be her skeletal structure, round cheeks, large beard, or the look of boredom that can be seen in her eyes. On the other hand, a cat with a human’s face is not something you see very often.

By Elen

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