In the end, I determined that the best course of action would be to purchase some mice from a local pet shop and then let them free in the backyard. The fact that he was pursuing them was enough to dissuade him from aimlessly traversing the streets. They were born to hunt, therefore it is inevitable that they will find a way to track down their prey. It is in your best interest to keep it confined to your garden, especially if it is enclosed by a wall.

MEET the Cutest Golden Maine Coon Cats Family Ever I used to have a Main Coon, which was a lovely, nice, and loving cat, and everything I listened to in this video is real. This film features the cutest family of golden Maine Coon cats ever. His name was Pretty Boy, and he liked it when I touched him because he would follow me around and watch what I was doing.

When it was time for me to return home from work, he would wait for me in the evening on his window seat, and as soon as he saw me pulling into the driveway, he would rush to the front door to greet me. This incredible cat will live on in my memory forever; I have never, ever had one quite like him before, and he is now, regrettably, in Cat-Heaven. I will never forget him.

By Elen

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