Despite the fact that Alvin, his beloved pet, has had a stroke and is unable to stand, Agea Santos promises to take care of him till the end, saying, “I will take care of you to the end my furry son.”

Being responsible for the upbringing of an animal is just as challenging as caring for a human child because the animal relies exclusively on the attention of its human father. There will be joyful and sad times, but the most essential thing is to be by your pet’s side at all times when you have a pet at home.

To ensure their pets’ happiness even after their bodies no longer respond as they once did, well-informed pet owners will go above and beyond. It’s because Agea Santos of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil fears about her dog’s capacity to continue living her normal life following a stroke.

As a result, pet owners who are well-informed will go out of their way to ensure that their animals’ quality of life is not diminished as a result of the aging process. An animal lover residing in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil is concerned about her dog’s capacity to lead an active life after she suffers a stroke.

Even after all these years, he still looks forward to running in the rain and swimming in the ocean. Having just been through so much, she wanted to relive a happy memory. I promise to take good care of you, furry child. I want to thank my wife Ray for the wonderful care she has given my dad,” Santos stated in the blog post.

It was while he was still playing in the rain that the dog left an inspirational message for pet parents. In light of his rapid maturation, “enjoy your hairy little baby while you can before he becomes old or sick.” is a fitting sentiment. An elderly man who can no longer walk properly following a stroke says the video was filmed two years ago.

As a result of the stroke, he’s had to relearn how to walk on his left side, which he’s still working to regain mobility in. In addition to physiotherapy and acupuncture, “he will return soon since it is incredibly important for his recuperation,” Santos said, according to the New York Times.

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