It was discovered that the only animal in the woods was a scrawny pit bull that was curled up by itself. She gave off a stern appearance and seemed ready to simply let go of everything.

But the people who came to her rescue were here to make sure that wasn’t going to happen! However, despite the fact that she had no idea what was going on, Halo was eager to give it a go, which was all that anybody could ask for given the circumstances.

Stacey brought the pit bull into her home in the hopes that, with the right medical care, the dog would be able to recover quickly and be healthy again.

There were a few nail-biting moments, but Halo never gave up the battle! The blind dog ended up developing an obsession with the ice cream cones sold at McDonald’s, and she was finally transported to Lucky Dog Refuge, where she was able to integrate herself so well!

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By Anna

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