For the last two years, Lily the Labrador has waited in her yard each Friday for her closest buddy. This buddy is a trustworthy one, who usually stops to give her goodies and pets and play with her when he walks by – much to Lily’s joy.

Since she moved into her house in Bedford, New Hampshire, Lily has made a habit of spending time in the front yard. She enjoys lounging about the yard and watching the neighbors go about their business, and she is always prepared to protect her family from any nefarious squirrels that may venture into the property.

Lily had a constant wish that someone would stop by and say hello to her. She gave a kind wag of her tail to everyone who walked by, even the mailman and the canvasser. However, nobody was paying her the kind of attention that she desired.

Lily, being a perceptive canine, soon realized that her human family would place the garbage cans outside on Thursday evenings, and then on Fridays, a guy would come and take them away. Lily had a feeling that this man would soon become her friend.

According to Ishaan Chatterjee, one of Lily’s owners, who spoke to The Dodo about their bond, “their friendship has developed into the nicest thing.” To demonstrate our gratitude to our trash guy for the way in which he cares for Lily, each year we have the tradition of giving him Christmas presents.

The bond that exists between Lily and David, her trash collector, is one of a kind. Chatterjee asserts that despite the fact that Lily lavishes affection on everyone, even individuals who have no interest in dogs, he can tell there is a stronger connection between the two of them.

Chatterjee feels that Lily’s connection with David is not just a reflection of her capacity to see beyond people’s flaws and find the good in them, but that it also has a little bit to do with the delicacies that he carries in his pockets. If you are nice to Lily, regardless of who you are or what you do, Lily will always be kind to you in return. She doesn’t care who you are or what you do.

“She demonstrates to us how to treat other people with greater consideration!” Chatterjee stated. It’s incredible how much we can pick just simply observing animals in the wild.

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