A body camera video captured on film a stressful incident that took place in Glendale, Arizona, in which first responders heard dog sounds coming from within a home that was on fire.

And while they hurried to save the dog’s life, they would quickly learn that there was more to the situation than they had first believed.

During the time that the cops were rushing to put out the fire, they heard barking coming from inside the home.

They investigated the source of the noise and discovered that it was coming from the garage of the home. As they got closer, they began to hear aid coming from a distance in the form of high-pitched squeals and squeaks.

They used a shovel to pry open the garage door since they were unable to open it alone. The tightly enclosed compartment suddenly let up a cloud of smoke, and a husky ran out of there to go to safety.

They were able to determine with a cursory examination of the area that there were pups located there.

When they opened the entrance to the garage, the air was already cloudy from all the smoke, so there was a high possibility that these pups were beginning to experience oxygen deprivation.

In addition to this, the fire was starting to move towards that part of the home when they arrived. To make things even worse, they have no idea how many pups were taken or where they were kept.

One of the cops made it out of harm’s way with one of the pups by carrying it.

During this time, another cop can be seen on another body camera film pushing farther into the garage. Because the footage indicated that the fire had already spread to the far wall of the room, it was clear that time was of the utmost importance.

He used the food dish that belonged to the mother husky and put the pups inside of it so that it would be simpler to remove them from the area. As soon as they were in a secure location, they grouped the pups together and gave each one a gentle massage to start them breathing again.

Unfortuitously, one of the pups seemed to still have trouble breathing.

The catastrophe may have been too much for their delicate bodies and underdeveloped organs, but fortunately, the police were armed with the appropriate equipment to deal with the aftermath.

They pulled out a mask in the form of a bell that had been developed for snouts in particular. Because domestic animals are more prone to suffocation in the event of a fire in the home, this device was developed specifically for them.

In contrast to humans, who can simply wriggle out of danger, animals, and particularly domesticated pets, will rush deeper into the home and seek refuge in the most remote or secluded areas they can find. They managed to make their situation much more precarious for themselves rather than avoiding it altogether.

They were all provided with the necessary medical care that they need.

According to the veterinarian who treated the canines, they were “doing terrific” and were feeding on their mother extremely well. Inside Edition received this report from the veterinarian. One of the pups did not make it, which is a sad turn of events. After the diagnosis, the other patients had returned to their regular breathing patterns and were conscious.

There are a variety of precautions you may take to protect your pet in the event of a fire in the home. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recommends that pet owners educate their animals on proper evacuation procedures. Any potential ignition source that may be started accidentally by animals, such as pets, should also be covered.

Pet owners are also recommended to display a rescue alert sticker in a visible location on their property, such as the front porch, so that first responders may easily find it. It should display how many different kinds of pets you have and how many total there are.

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