The “American Strays Project” is an initiative that was initiated by the “World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S)” with the purpose of bringing attention to the plight of stray and abandoned animals. The volunteers were doing research for this show when they came upon a scene in a rundown area of Detroit that was so heartbreaking that it brought them to tears.

The volunteers can be seen in this video following a stray dog around from house to house as he carries an empty dish in his jaws. The dog makes his way through the thick, thorny undergrowth in the hopes of coming across another living being who would feed him. However, there is little chance for him since the region is basically a vast wasteland where humanity have long since abandoned themselves.

The volunteers’ minds were blown when they saw the malnourished puppy frantically scurrying about with the saddest countenance possible. They followed the dog until they reached around five residences before they eventually filled his dish with food and provided him with enough water to drink. Later, the volunteers made sure that all of the stray animals in the abandoned neighborhood received the attention that they needed as well.

Many people have the misconception that homeless dogs either find their own food or are constantly fed by someone else. The terrible fact, however, is that they are in a constant state of discomfort since they do not know when they will be able to have their next meal. We have high hopes that this enlightening movie will inspire people all across the globe to keep an eye out for stray and abandoned pets in their communities.

By Elen

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