After one of her offspring became separated from the others due to rising floods, a stray dog risked her own life in an admirable display of altruism to save one of her offspring. The courageous deed was captured on camera, and people began referring to the video as an example of “the tremendous power of a mother’s love!” as it went viral.

The Chinese province of Sichuan has been slammed with some disastrous floods as a result of the heavy rains that have fallen in the area recently. Because to the significant amount of precipitation, the Min River overflowed its banks and flooded a large number of homes in the city of Meishan. However, the flooding had little to no effect on the animals, unlike the humans who were in the area. One of them was a female dog with her litter of five pups.

The sad mother dog and her puppies were unable to respond to the fast rising water since they were caught unaware. They were all separated from one another and left trapped in the floods within a matter of seconds when the overflowing river destroyed their refuge. The mother dog and four of her pups have been saved thanks to the efforts of a concerned community member. The guy had every intention of going back to get a fifth dog, but since the water was rising so quickly, it would have been foolish to do so. On the other hand, not for its mother!

When the attentive dog realized that one of her puppies had gone missing, she hurried to the nearby river and, without pausing for a second’s reflection, she leaped into the water and began swimming after the lost youngster. Thankfully, she was able to reach her baby and successfully carry it to the beaches of the island.

When the mother dog and her youngster made it back to safety, everyone present, including the locals and the rescue workers, celebrated and applauded for her. The courage of the mother dog left everyone there, including the locals and the rescue workers, dumbfounded. You may see the unforgettable event by clicking here:

After the terrible incident, the courageous mother and her five pups were all taken in by members of the community and given new homes. However, the video of the courageous mother rescuing her stuck child won over the hearts of everyone who saw it online.

Someone said that the situation was well represented by the phrase, “This is really the power of a mother’s love.” She will always put her children’s safety first, regardless of how risky the situation may be. While another of them said, “Such a little physique, but such great strength!”

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