Randy Travis came perilously close to losing not just his life but also the ability of singing that he holds most. He was fortunate in that he still had his wife, his last remaining miracle, to assist him in surviving and finding his way back to the music.

Randy Travis and his wife, Mary Davis, met while they were both still married to other people. Despite the fact that they make a cute pair now, they did not always know one other. However, their affair did not continue behind closed doors for an indefinite amount of time.

Davis was Travis’ dentist’s wife. Travis was his patient. This romance was exposed when Travis’ first wife, Mary Elizabeth “Lib” Hatcher, discovered the two of them having an affair.

They were discovered because the country singer’s tour bus was equipped with surveillance cameras. The couple had been together for over a decade prior to their separation in 2011, when Hatcher filed for divorce from Travis.

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In 2013, only a few short months after Travis and Davis announced their engagement to one another, the musician had a stroke brought on by viral cardiomyopathy. This incident severely impacted his motor abilities as well as his ability to communicate, and it ultimately led to his falling into a coma for close to two months.

The medical professionals estimated that he had just a one percent chance of surviving his condition. Travis could still hear people talking to him while being in a coma, thus he was aware of the little possibility that he might pull through this ordeal alive.

He was able to hear all that was going on around him, as he explained in his book “Forever and Ever, Amen: A Memoir of Music, Faith, and Braving the Storms of Life,” which he had written. This included discussions on the possibility of turning off his life support system. According to Travis:

When speaking to a patient in a hospital room when they are unconscious or in a coma, one must always exercise extreme caution with their words.

As Travis said, the specialists in the medical field believed that it was the appropriate action to take. But Mary made her way to his side and asked him to give her a signal if he was still intent on putting up a struggle. A single tear trickled down his cheek, and that was all she needed to see in order to keep fighting for her fiance’s life.


After remaining silent for a number of months, Travis gradually started making public appearances, at first using a wheelchair and then using a walking stick. Although he was making progress in his ability to walk, reports indicated that he still had a long way to go in terms of his ability to verbally communicate.

In his autobiography, he described how difficult it was for him to go through this process, stating that he often felt as if he was imprisoned in his own body. However, despite everything, the one thing that he longed to do was perform in front of an audience once again.

Davis said that when they initially arrived home after spending four months recovering in the hospital, her husband had to start from the very beginning and learn everything. Because he was unable to speak, she said that the two of them developed an intuitive kind of communication throughout the course of their time together. Davis said:

“He was completely clueless about how to use the telephone or the television remote. It transports you back to the days of raising a kid, and you have to begin from scratch once again.

Travis did not behave in any way that suggested he was a victim, despite the challenging circumstances. Davis herself did not wallow in self-pity, claiming that she feels “fortunate” to travel this journey with him rather than feeling sorry for herself.


On March 21, 2015, the couple secretly wed in a ceremony that embodied the phrase “in sickness and in health.” The wedding took place beneath the radar. Davis has mentioned in the past that her now-husband is a motivation for her, and she has added that he is an inspiration to her.

This marriage was just the beginning of a string of fortunate events that were to follow. The musician had made significant progress, and according to his wife, he had made significant progress after being discharged from the hospital.

In 2016, his longtime goal was accomplished as he sang “Amazing Grace” in front of the public at the “Country Music Hall of Fame.” Even if his voice was not as flawless as it had been in the past, this significant accomplishment proved to be far more essential than flawlessness.

It should not be assumed that this was his last time performing on stage. In 2017, he sang one of his songs for a crowd of shouting fans at a country music club named “Lil Reds’ Longhorn Saloon.” The song was titled “Forever and Ever, Amen.”

The devotee of country music has also signed up for TikTok in order to perform for his internet fans. In these shorter performances, he has shared the stage with other musicians including Josh Turner and Alexandra Kay, both of whom are also singers.

Toby Keith, another prominent figure in country music, has had his fair share of health problems. He has been undergoing treatment for his cancer while staying at a property in the countryside with his children. His wife is right there at his side, just like Travis.

In July of 2022, the couple, who had been together for close to four decades at the time, turned to social media to share the devastating news that their favorite country musician, who was also a fan favorite, had stomach cancer. At that time, he had been subjected to a variety of intense treatments for a period of half a year.

CNN observed that viewers were genuinely stunned by the fact that Keith had been moving on with his life as if nothing was wrong. This is because Keith had been acting as if nothing was amiss with his life. The musical artist had just published a new album, was actively performing live, and had an active presence on social media.

Tricia Lucus, his wife, has stood at her husband’s side through the ups and downs of life for a good number of years. At the beginning of her husband’s career as a musician, many people asked her to encourage him to acquire a “real” job. However, she supported his goals and told him that it was worth giving it a try, despite the fact that she was being pressured to do so.

It seems that she made the perfect choice, since it is believed that Keith’s net worth is anywhere between $10 and $25 million, and he also has a farm and 40 horses, among other things. But the two individuals don’t only take use of their advantages for themselves.

The dynamic duo is also responsible for establishing “Ally’s House,” a charitable organization for children afflicted with cancer. It was established long before Keith was informed that he had cancer. Instead, they decided to start the charity after learning that the daughter of one of Keith’s old bandmates had passed away due to the illness.

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