Cheryl is fortunate to have a unique neighbor who makes it a point to see her on a daily basis. The Siamese cat that lives next door is 17 years old. When Cheryl stepped outside and saw the cat, she always made sure to pet her and pet her head. The geriatric cat took some time to get up to the human and become affectionate toward her before declaring its love for her. She would go on all fours in the middle of the sidewalk and roll over to have her favorite lady touch her stomach whenever she spotted her.

After Cheryl went into lockdown, the cat began paying her occasional visits. Sometimes it would even perch on her lap. She would sob outside the doors, and Cheryl would beg her to let her come in. Cheryl referred to her as Squishy due to the fact that she is so squishy and adorable. During the course of the day, the cat would not leave her side and would accompany her everywhere she went.

Auntie Cheryl was very special to her, and she had a deep affection for her. She sadly became unwell and ultimately passed away from her illness. Cheryl had a tough time getting over the loss, but all of a sudden Squish became much more loving toward her.

Since her aunt passed away, Squish has remained in her constant company. She is always found in this location. The cat comes up to her and rubs up against her as it gives her hugs and kisses. Cheryl has a distinct impression that her auntie is nearby.

Cheryl expressed her sentiments by saying, “I can’t put it into words, but it truly is, it’s overwhelming what she brings to me.”

Our sincere gratitude goes out to Cheryl for relating the tale to us. You can keep up with Squishy’s travels on her Instagram by following her there.

By Anna

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