When a group of friends was enjoying themselves at a pool party, they looked up and saw two dogs loitering just outside the boundary fence on the edge of the yard. A lot of people who were attending the party decided to walk over to inspect the dogs since it seemed as if they wanted to enter inside. Because one of the dogs was wearing a tag, the people decided it would be best to let all of the dogs into the yard so they could wait there until they could find their owners.

When the dogs raced into the yard, one of them was more reserved, but the other one decided very immediately that he would be joining the gathering.

“At that point, some of us were on the deck, some in the pool, and come out in the yard,” Jennifer Motes, one of the partygoers, informed The Dodo. “The golden was down to party right away and immediately started running around, wagging its tail, going up to everyone, and getting pets. The shepherd was a lot shyer, kinda remained in the yard for a bit, however then when she saw her friend up on the deck with us, she at some point came up there too.”

It was obvious that the golden retriever, whose name they found out later was Stoker, understood how to have a good time. He did not show any reluctance to participate in the enjoyable activities and instead went about begging for food, snatching shoes, playing fetch, and finally leaping into the pool with everyone else.

Motes stated that a number of the individuals in the pool had dragged the innertube raft over to the side and that Stoker climbed up directly on it. “He enjoyed himself tremendously as he floated around the pool, received hugs and kisses, swam, and other activities,” She simply strolled about and saw us let some of us touch her, and she raced after Stoker. The dog was never courageous enough to join the swimming water.

During the time that the dogs were having their celebration, someone was able to get in touch with Stoker’s father and tell him that the other dog had come from his next-door neighbor and that she and Stoker were good friends who often played together. It was obvious that the two people had raced out together in search of a party, and it may be safely assumed that they had been successful in their mission.

Before the dogs were taken away, they had been there for a couple of hours, and the people who were throwing the party made care to stress that they are more than welcome to return whenever they choose.

Dogs are the one and only thing that can elevate the experience of a party at a swimming pool to a whole new level, and Stoker and his pal were overjoyed to make sure that this wish came true.

By Anna

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