It seemed as if a pregnant stray dog in Florida who was about to give birth was aware that the Apopka Fire Department would be glad to help her in the delivery of her puppies.

The dog, who was afterward given the name Lady, proceeded to go up to the station, where the crew greeted her with open arms.

According to Lt. Renee Beasley, who was quoted in a story published by Fox 6, “I walked outside and saw her, and she was pregnant.” “Despite the fact that she was pregnant, she was quite underweight,” the doctor said of the woman. Additionally, she had nine to twelve nails embedded in her stomach, which was most likely the result of her having to fend for herself.

When the time came, the team was thrilled to be able to help in the birth of eight pups that had been born to Lady. Unluckily, one of them passed away, but the other seven of them made it through, which is a miracle given the state of their ailing mother.

When the joyful news was published on social media, the people of the Apopka community immediately rushed out to offer their assistance in covering the fees of the veterinarian, providing supplies, and finding permanent homes for the gorgeous pups!

Beasley was quoted in the story as saying, “Our community has a tremendous heart, and everyone has gone out to help her with her situation, so that’s been amazing.”

On the other hand, Lady is already settled in with her heroes and feels at home there.

The narrator makes the statement that “Lady is going to end up remaining with us.” Beasley elaborated by saying that “we’ve built a deep relationship with her.”

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