Some people believe that dogs possess “extrasensory” powers. They have eyesight and hearing that are orders of magnitude better than ours, but they also view the world in a very different manner than we do. This delightful story serves as evidence of that assertion.

Sadie, the Great Dane, has always been a buddy that is both kind and trustworthy. After going for a stroll on the morning of Saint Patrick’s Day, Rob Jerry had the unsettling feeling that something was amiss. Even after being urged, his dog remained still on the side of the driveway where it had been standing. Because anything like this had never occurred in the past, Dad was mystified as to what was going on. In the background, he also heard an animal sound that sounded like a roaring deer. Then he realized that the person who had been ranting was really in need of aid.

Sadie made an effort to get aid from the business owner, but she was unable to do so successfully. When Jerry stumbled across her 89-year-old neighbor Albert Larson, who was lying lifeless on the ground, he was pursuing Great Dane. Jerry was chasing Great Dane at the time. The elderly guy tripped and fell while on his way to retrieve the mail.

Because Sadie was there, the guy, who had a shattered hip, was not left on the floor for as long as everyone knows he would have been there otherwise. Great Dane is the hero who helped save Albert’s life, and he will be always grateful to him. Discover more about the courageous dog here:

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