But when Hall got an urgent message late one night about a dog that was very ill and whimpering because it had been abandoned, she instantly loaded up her truck with treats and a humane dog trap.

Hall said, “I left the house at twelve o’clock.” “She was in the middle of nowhere, on a road with just one lane,” the voice said. I knew I needed to grab her.”

In the beginning, it was difficult for Hall to find the dog in the darkness. On the other hand, a one-of-a-kind contemplation was what led her to the puppy in the end.

Hall said, ” I noticed her by the look in her eyes.” “We gave her the name Moonie since the moonlight was the first thing that helped me see her.”

Although the rest of Moonie’s body remained in a dismal state, her eyes were absolutely stunning. According to Hall, “she was only skin and bones and was wearing an old, filthy coat.” Due to the fact that Moonie was so underweight when Hall first saw her, she was under the impression that she had captured a coyote.

She suffered from scabies, mange, and every other ailment imaginable, according to Hall. When I picked her up later that evening, she had such a putrid odor.

Nevertheless, Hall did not abandon Moonie in spite of the difficulty she was through. Both individuals slept together in the van until the veterinarian’s office opened its doors in the wee hours of the morning. After being examined by the veterinarian, Moonie immediately began the arduous treatment for her various ailments, which included a period of seclusion lasting for six weeks.

After Moonie had finished her treatment, she went to live with her foster family to continue her recovery. However, due to the fact that she was so beloved, her tenure as a “foster dog” did not last very long at all.

She went to two different foster homes, according to Hall, who made that statement. During the second time she was in foster care, they planned to give her up for adoption; however, her foster mother refused to do so and said, “No, I can’t part with this child.” We cannot allow her to go.'”

Moonie allegedly has “the most fantastic existence currently,” as stated by Hall.

She has not only been prospering in her new home by the ocean and has undergone a remarkable physical metamorphosis, but she is also relishing the affection and attention that come with being the only kid in her new family, which comes with the territory of being an only child.

According to Hall, ” She seems to be the most gorgeous dog you have ever seen at this point in your life.” “She is deserving of everything. And her story should be shared because she has earned it.”

By Anna

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