The state of this dog, which was immediately recognizable as having been used as a bait dog, left the rescue workers speechless when they got on the scene.

He had acute mouthfuls all over his body, face, and legs, and his face was puffed out to the point that he could only crack his eyelids open very barely. The infected wound had been left uncovered for a number of weeks, and as a result, he had developed septicemia. The unfortunate dog was left chained up by himself and allowed to wait to pass away.

Rescuers rushed him to their facility, where he was hooked up to an intravenous line and given antibiotics and other treatments for months. The nanny was requested by the round clock to return so that it could help.

It turned out that the dog, who we presently refer to as Marco, was a legionnaire. He eventually got well despite the fact that it was a difficult path to recovery.

Despite all that he has gone through, he still loves and depends on people and looks to them for affection. He also looks to them for support.

Because of this, he lives in a warm and caring environment with a number of other canine siblings with whom he enjoys playing. His days of pitting dogs against each other are far behind him at this point, and even while he will always carry the wounds from those days, they will not define who he is.

During the present time, he spends his days either curled up on the couch with his new family or racing about his enormous neighborhood with the other children.

By Anna

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