A stray dog in Romania who seemed to be unwell approached some unknown people and extended her paw to them in the hopes of being rescued, but she wouldn’t leave her companion behind.

The strangers were from Ray Animal Rescue, and they’d been hunting for the dog for more than an hour at this point! According to what is said on the website ilovemydog, as a consequence of this, they put the two dogs into the vehicle and drove away.

They went to get their examinations and treatment at the local veterinarian. Elsie’s skin was highly pink and puffy owing to a skin problem. She would need medicinal baths for around two months throughout this time. Hugo was healthy and found a new home for himself quite quickly, but Elsa had a very different tale to tell…

The unfortunate young lady would be forced to seek therapy despite the fact that many canines avoided her company owing to the fact that she was so big. However, after a period of six months, the dog seemed to be an altogether different animal! At that point, Andrea and Maria, who had been fostered before, joined the picture. They were only supposed to provide temporary housing for her for two or three days, but they were unable to release her until the adoptive family came. Elsie was returned to her adoptive family after she was a foster failure.

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