You won’t find a more adorable pair than a little child with a canine companion no matter how long or how hard you look. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to provide an explanation for this unique connection that exists between our companion animals that have four legs and our young children. I’m not sure if this is due to the overprotective tendencies of the dogs toward younger children or whether it’s because the children give the dogs free reign to do whatever they choose. In any case, there is one thing that can be said with absolute certainty: anytime we see a unique link like this one, it can’t help but make our hearts melt. And the little girl and the Husky that she has as a guardian in the video below are no exception either.

Typically, young infants like the sound of vacuum cleaners a great deal since it has the effect of putting them at ease. On the other hand, this specific circumstance demonstrates that the reverse is true. When all of a sudden, the vacuum cleaner starts up, the adorable little girl is on her way to see her father. The next instant, the 11-month-old child reacts with extreme fear to the loud noise, and she begins to turn away from it. But this is when something that will warm your heart takes place.

The little girl rushes up to her dog, who is sitting over there in the corner, and embraces him. We could have anticipated that she would ask for her mother, but instead, she did it. The girl has the reassurance that she will be OK as long as she has her small fuzzy sibling by her side. Naturally, her older brother maintains his composure and reveals the overprotective side of his personality. It is remarkable to witness how much confidence this little child has in her animal companion to look out for her best interests. There must be a very unique connection between the two of them. The charming video demonstrates, once again, how trustworthy dogs can be in any given circumstance.

By Anna

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