When Kris Robinson was in the main office of the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter, she looked out the window and noticed someone walking across the yard. A dog kept a fairly close distance and followed the young man.

Robinson, who is working as the director of the shelter, was quoted in The Dodo as saying, “He instructed the dog to remain outdoors, and she simply sat down.” “He came in and said, ‘I’m wondering if you could take my dog.'” “He came in and asked if you could take my dog.”

Even though there were a lot of people at the shelter, Robinson could see that the teenager needed assistance as well as a little bit of luck.

Robinson saw how close her father was to the dog called Jada, and as a result, she wrote down her father’s information and had him sign out paperwork to renounce ownership of the dog.

Robinson described how “she really clung to him,” noting that even as he was moving about, she was still hanging to his leg. “She’d come so near to him and then sit down because she was terrified,” the narrator says.

Robinson saw the young man walking out of the shelter while cleaning his face with a towel. Robinson brought Jada inside his office so that she could rest, but it was evident that she did not understand why her father was not there.

Robinson said that when she wanted to see out the window, she climbed to the top of one of the chairs and did so. When I checked on her, she was simply lying there with her meal when I went to check on her in the rear where I had gone to do some cleaning.

The next day, Jada had a better time chatting with Robinson, but Robinson eventually came to the conclusion that her father would never be replaced by anybody.

She made the decision to tell the story of the puppy on Facebook with the goal of garnering some assistance from the people in the surrounding neighborhood. However, she was completely unaware of the amount of attention that her message would get.

The comment that Robinson made was, “I wanted to highlight what this youngster did and his character.” “He didn’t ask for anything for himself; he only wanted to ensure that Jada was all right,” she said.

There were a number of people from different parts of the nation who expressed an interest in fostering the puppy; however, Robinson believed that they could go one better.

Robinson reached out to a local family and they offered to take in the young man and his dog, but the young man denied their offer.

Robinson said, “I had made contact with him and said, ‘Look, these folks want to assist you.'” “He responded, ‘What do you mean? Do they intend to bring her into their family? Can I go meet her before you do?'” And I responded by saying, “No, buddy, they want to assist you.”

It was a VERY joyful reunion for everyone involved when the adolescent and his family arrived at the shelter to pick up Jada.
Robinson shared her account, stating, “She rushed up to him and got up on him.” “He was just doting on her and had a huge grin on his face the whole time.”

Together, Jada and her father have discovered a home they can finally settle down in and make their own. The necessary medical treatment is being provided to Jada, and the adolescent can now put his whole emphasis on his schoolwork.

“He’s getting his high school stuff in order and then he’s going to take some courses at a local municipal college, and then he’s going to go to the dentist – things he’s never done before,” said Robinson.

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