A good Samaritan came across two female dogs and their litter hiding in an alleyway in Los Angeles, California. The good Samaritan took the dogs and their litters to the Northwest Dog Project (NDP) because he saw that the dogs’ mothers were doing everything they could to ensure the safety of their young puppies.

The kind Samaritan had to first take the dogs into his own house before he could deliver them to the Northwest Dog Project in Oregon.

The two female canines that gave birth to nine puppies, seven of which were female and two of which were male, were given the names Louise and Thelma.

It was obvious that the mothers had been abandoned before they were given the opportunity to say their goodbyes since they were malnourished and hungry. They were making every effort to ensure the safety of the pups, albeit it is unclear whether or not all of the babies were abandoned together.

Thankfully, the moms did an excellent job raising their children. On the other hand, the puppies have been up for adoption since February 2019, and it is unknown whether or not all of them will be taken up by new families. If you are interested, further information may be found on the website of the NDP.

By Anna

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