Scooter is a stray kitten that was born in the city of Elkhart, Indiana, in the United States. Unfortunately, the kitten was born with a malformed pair of paws, which makes it challenging for him to move and maneuver about his environment. Scooter, on the other hand, never gives up hope of finding a kind human being who would gladly take him home as a pet. But rather than wait, Scooter made the decision to look for a permanent residence on his own. As a result, he entered the backyard of a lady and began to meow as loudly as he possibly could.

The lady had been listening to some music when she suddenly became aware of some sounds. She saw the small cat pleading for assistance when it was wandering about in her yard. She hurriedly got him inside, and then she drove him to the animal hospital that was closest to them. According to the veterinarians, Scooter was born with shorter ligaments in his feet, which is what caused his feet to bend inwards. This condition was present from birth. In addition to the infection in his eye, they discovered that he also had an infection in his respiratory system.

Scooter’s condition started to improve shortly after he received the lifesaving medical attention he so urgently need. When the little kitten started feeling better, it was determined that he was ready to be adopted. Thankfully, a loving couple who already had two other cats made the decision to adopt Scooter and provide him with a home where he could thrive. A huge debt of gratitude is owed to Natalie and Anthony for taking in such a unique child.

Scooter was not going to allow the fact that he had unusual paws to prevent him from doing everything he set his mind to. He has a lot of fun playing with his foster siblings, and he also enjoys playing with toys when he was younger. He is the head of the household and even goes so far as to attempt to steal his brother’s meals!

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