We spend our whole lives in such constant proximity to loss that we are unable to predict when our time will finally arrive. And the casual barbarism of loss and disease has always acted as a continual and ruthless reminder of the transient nature of existence.

This story will without a doubt shatter your heart into a thousand little pieces. It is about passing away Grandpa and his 2 devoted dogs Arong and Asoon. Grandpa never considered the dogs to be anything other than members of his family; he never considered them to be petted.

He cared for them and brought them up as if they were his own children, and as a consequence of this, the canines’ whole world revolved around their Grandfather.

However, their formerly happy and close-knit family was shattered when their human member was diagnosed with cancer and gradually lost strength throughout the course of treatment.

In spite of the fact that he was a terrible person, the guy never failed to provide the very finest care for his pets. The dogs’ beloved human passed out in front of them one day, and it seemed as though their whole world had come crashing down.

But even in this situation, he was just concerned about what would happen to his beautiful pets. During the time that Grandfather was apart from their presence, the dogs were heard moaning and whimpering as they awaited the return of their master.

It seemed as if they were aware of what was taking on and that a frightening event was about to take place. Fortunately, a neighbor with a kind heart watched after these two children, but the only thing on their minds was the uncertain future they faced.

The guy, having been in such a state of despondency for so long, makes the decision to entrust his dogs to an animal welfare organization in the hope that they would continue to have a good life when he is gone.

By Anna

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