When Sanford first met his foster mom, Karen Velazquez, he was referred to as a “broken dog” with a glum expression on his face. However, she was able to assist him and give him a chance to live. When the unfortunate dog understood that he had been saved and was in a secure location, he could not stop smiling.

In April, he was struck by a vehicle, which left him unable to walk; animal control was able to extricate him from his predicament. Additionally, the officer discovered a gunshot wound in the right back leg of the suspect. They moved swiftly to deliver him to a modest municipal shelter in the city of Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources at the shelter, Sanford was unable to obtain the necessary medical attention during that period of time. He was damaged on both the physical and emotional levels.

To our great relief, Sanford was rescued from the animal shelter by a member of the Dallas DogRRR, a local dog rescue organization. The most significant transformation, however, took occurred when Sanford was entrusted to Velazquez’s care.

“He was emotionally and physically shattered… Kerry Anechiarico, the executive director of Dallas DogRRR, shared with The Dodo that when a volunteer went to meet him, the dog “didn’t really make any attempt to come and say hello.” “It’s almost as if he had given up and was simply waiting for his time to arrive,” the narrator says.

Velazquez shared her experience with fostering with The Dodo, saying, “I am now on my 52nd foster, and I can honestly say that I’ve never had somebody as joyful as him.”

“He stares at me in a manner that no other animal or person, including my own pets, has ever looked at me in the past or ever will look at me in the future. The only times you will ever see him without a smile are when he is sleeping or when he is eating.

Ever since Sanford moved into Velazquez’s home, he hasn’t stopped beaming with happiness. It seems as if he was aware that he was in a secure environment surrounded by kind people. Sanford is now living in a foster family, where he is really content, and he is patiently waiting for someone to fall in love with him and adopt him.

Anechiarico predicted that the dog would be a wonderful addition to any household. “He’ll get along well with other dogs as well as people of any kind. He even performs nicely with youngsters.”

Anechiarico went on to say that the dog is the ideal friend and that he is the kind of dog that you can come home to. “He’ll welcome you with a wag of his tail and a kind hello, and then he’ll simply keep you company for the rest of the day. Now, all he is is a cheerful and carefree dog.”

In spite of all that took occurred, he has not lost his kind and compassionate nature. Now, not only does he always have the largest grin on his face, but he also resides in a warm and welcoming foster home where he is cherished and cared for. We have high hopes that Sanford will be adopted very soon and that he will finally find the home of his dreams that he so well deserves.

By Anna

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