Luna was in terrible condition, and her owners were unable to care for her since they already had another dog. As a result, they decided that the puppy was a better option than Luna and donated her to Sidewalk Specials.

Even though Luna’s family gave Sidewalk Specials custody of her, they provided excellent care for her. They brought Luna to the veterinarian, where she received the necessary care. She suffered from mange as well as tick bite fever. However, the veterinarians did a fantastic job of doing their jobs. Soon, her white fur started to return in a noticeable way.

The promise that the Sidewalk Specials would find her a home where she could stay permanently was maintained by them. Soon after, Luna was adopted into a family that also had a number of other rescued pets. Even more, Luna gained a new feline sibling.

She looked forward to her daily strolls with her mother and found that she fit in rather well with her new family.

By Anna

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