Beaux Tox, a Labrador Retriever, was born with a facial abnormality and was bullied and mistreated his whole life until he found Jamie Hulit. Jamie took Beaux in and helped him overcome his past.

Beaux’s unusual appearance is a direct consequence of the fact that he was crammed inside his mother’s womb together with five other pups as he was being born.

According to what Jamie shared with The Dodo, “He simply sort of got pushed out of the way, and formed how he developed.”

This was only the beginning of a lifetime of being pushed about for Beaux, whose intelligence and cheery disposition was untouched by the deformity.

Jamie clarified the situation by saying that the individuals who were breeding him were unable to sell him due to his facial abnormality. “As a result, they released him without charge.”

Beaux was neglected and mistreated by the man he stayed with for five years when he was living outdoors.

Beaux had been neglected to the point where local rescue organizations sought to intervene, but they were unsuccessful. All that was left of him was a pitiful bag of bones that was infected with sickness and parasites and had little hope for the future.

After then, his angel of protection appeared. Beaux’s predicament did not frighten Jamie in the least, and she was willing to give him another chance.

She said, “I didn’t care how severely he may possibly be unwell.” Simply put, I didn’t want him to have to go back into the foster care system and risk being sent back.

“I wanted for him to have a secure environment and a location that he recognized as his home. Because of this, I bought him outright from his previous owner. Beaux Tox had already been all over the place, and all I wanted was for him to relax and be a dog.

Because Jamie had also spent some of her childhood in foster care, she could empathize with Beaux’s experience of being given false hope and feeling rejected as a result of it. Jamie understood the feelings that come along with being passed from one family to the next.

Intense treatment was administered to Beaux by Dr. Jay Rydberg, a devoted and fearless veterinarian who invested the same amount of time and effort that Jamie did in putting Beaux back on his feet.

They collaborated in order to save the ailing dog from a recurrent case of heartworms, which had come dangerously close to taking his life. After a long wait, the doctor eventually gave Beaux the go light, and Jamie was able to bring him back home with her.

He has now become a member of a warm and welcoming family, and Riley, another Retriever, treats him like a younger brother. They have developed an unshakable bond and have grown to become each other’s closest friends.

“Even though there is a five-year age gap between them (Beaux is six and Riley is thirteen), they are the right match for each other. Even though Beaux behaves like a puppy, it helps Riley remain youthful.”

Therefore, everything turns out well in the end. Beaux Tox embodies the zeal and purity of a newborn puppy despite the challenging circumstances of his past, and he is overjoyed to have found a forever home with his new family.

“He’s had so much going on in his life, and he’s brought us so much with him.”

By Anna

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