Parents play a vital role in the upbringing of their children, yet many mothers and fathers endure struggles that prohibit them from establishing a safe and stable home environment for their families.

In the hope that their circumstances would improve, two children daydreamed about the day when their mother would triumph over her challenges. Those hopes and goals were, however, never accomplished. Discover the unlikeliest of heroes by reading their narrative and following their journey.

When Jordan Benewiat thought back to the birthday parties she had attended as a youngster, she always associated them with unpleasant memories of agony. Her mother was a chronic alcoholic, and the atmosphere in the house where they lived as a family was devoid of love and happiness.

She recalls being concerned about where the family would get their next meal and whether or not she would make it to school. Both she and her brother, Jarred Benewiat, were always worried and scared about everything.

The children had spent many years hoping that their mother would alter her behavior, but instead, they were met with repeated instances of disappointment. Finally, one day, their mother’s new lover, Steven Benewiat, entered their home.

After seeing the concerning conduct of his girlfriend, Steven recognized that he needed to do action to assist her children who were going through difficult times. Following an incident, he reported it to the authorities, and the children who had been neglected were taken into foster care.

After feeling compassion for the children, Steven made the decision to take something that would have a huge impact. Despite the fact that he had no blood relation to any of the Benewiat children, he made the decision to fight on their behalf.

Emergency care was given to Steven since the state was unable to locate a household that would accept both of the children at the same time and Steven expressed interest in adopting the children.

Jordan thought back to the first time she’d seen Steven weep in public. It was at that moment that he believed the children were going to be taken away. She revealed that

“When he finally told everything to me, I was completely dumbfounded as to why he was sobbing in front of everyone in the courtroom. He embraced me until it was time for us to go. He was fortunate enough to be granted emergency foster rights thanks to the involvement of celestial beings.”

After another three years, the adoption was finalized, and both Jordan and Jarred were able to look forward to a brighter future as a result. Every time they called on him, Steven was there for them, and he never failed to come through for them.

Jordan has developed into a happy and successful young lady as a direct result of the love and direction provided by Steven. She was able to leave her troubled past in the rearview mirror and go on with her life, despite the fact that she had a difficult upbringing.

Jordan continues to consider Steven to be one of the most significant aspects of her life, and she refers to him as her hero. What she meant was:

“During the seven years that we did not know him, I am able to recall every emotion that I experienced. If it weren’t for him, I probably would have been suffering from that condition for more than 18 years now. He is one of the very few persons on this whole world who has never failed to come through for me in some way.”

Jordan disseminated information to the general public using various social media platforms. She was sick of hearing things like “Never lose faith,” and she wanted her friends, family, and even strangers to comprehend the reasons why she had stopped having confidence in the future.

Jordan and her brother both have promising futures ahead of them as a direct result of Steven’s continuous involvement in their lives. Because he was someone people could rely on, it made all the difference in the world. Despite this, their mother’s decisions continued to have an impact on their lives.

Jordan urged everyone to give persons from broken homes some space to process their experiences before providing advice. She said that neither she nor her brother wanted to give up hope on finding a solution for their mother, but that doing so was not helping them in any way.

Jordan said that it is preferable to urge family members to say something along the lines of “letting go must have required every ounce of strength, and I’m sorry you had to fight that battle,” rather than advising them to keep believing and waiting for their loved ones to triumph over challenges.

The relationship that a kid has with their parents is unique to each individual child. It turned out that putting some distance between themselves and their mother was the greatest choice for Jordan and her brother.

On the other hand, for some people, just holding onto the hope that their mother or father will get well may be therapeutic in and of itself. What are your reactions to the viewpoints expressed by Jordan?

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