Television talent programs include a wide variety of artists of varying styles and genres. Some of them render both the live crowd in the studio and the viewers at home dumbfounded. This was the situation with Calum Courtney, a little child from Essex, United Kingdom, who was ten years old. He is a little child who has autism spectrum disorder. Calum has a hard time connecting with people in general and making new acquaintances. Because of the songs he sings, he has a unique connection to the people who are in the crowd watching him perform. In 2018, Calum got the chance to present the judges of Britain’s Got Talent, as well as the viewers of the program, with the performance of a lifetime thanks to his participation in the show.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in every 54 children in the United States is diagnosed with autism. According to the organization Autism Speaks, autism is a spectrum condition that may manifest itself in a broad variety of ways and is often identified in early life. People who have autism encounter difficulties in a variety of areas, including repetitive behaviors, social skills, speech, and nonverbal communication, to name a few. However, due to the fact that it is a spectrum condition, the symptoms manifest themselves extremely differently in various persons. Some individuals may need substantial assistance throughout their lives, while others will require just moderate assistance, and yet others will lead completely independent lives. Every individual has their own unique set of struggles, as well as their own unique set of assets.

The way in which people in society think about and interact with folks who have autism is really one of the most difficult problems. Children who have autism have a more challenging time both at school and at home because of the deficiencies in their social conduct. Dealing with change, experiencing high levels of worry, and engaging in avoidance strategies are three of the most prevalent problems.

Calum Courtney is a young man who has struggled with autism throughout his whole life. Tupney Courtney, Calum’s mother, often shares with others how challenging her son’s autism has been, despite the fact that he has a less severe version of the disorder. In addition, she said in 2018 to The Sun, “Autism with high functioning has been diagnosed in Calum. This presents a number of challenges for Calum, including challenges in school and challenges with his friendships; but, it also frees him from the inhibitions that prevent him from getting up on stage and belting out a song.” In addition to that, she said that “We characterize his autism to him as a superpower. It may take a bit from other aspects of life, but it’s given him the superpower of music.”

Calum is not lacking in experience when it comes to performing in front of an audience. There is video of him singing his lungs out inside of a local ASDA shop that can be seen on the internet. When it was finally made public, the video quickly racked up more than two million views on YouTube. Calum gained notoriety from national media in the United Kingdom thanks to the warmth and clarity of his voice. In addition to that, according to The Sun, he had also performed with Emeli Sandé and JP Cooper at the NSPCC Winter Charity Ball, which was held to raise money for the National Autistic Society.

The mother of Calum describes how extraordinary it is for her to experience the sound of her son singing for the first time. According to what she says, “He sings often around the home, and doing performances in front of an audience has never been an issue for him. When it comes to Calum’s performance, the more people there are, the better.” This is rather remarkable for a youngster of this age, considering that the vast majority of children experience some degree of anxiety when it comes to singing or simply presenting in front of an audience. Not Calum, though, since he thrives on attention and has a remarkable skill that justifies his being heard in his own right. When he sings, he delights in both the sensation it gives him and the sound of his own voice. Courtney Tupney was also included.


Tupney Courtney stated the following about Calum in an interview with The Independent in the year 2017: “He has no jitters, whether there’s an audience, if there’s anyone from one to 100 people to sing in front of he loves it, he simply loves to sing.” When Calum tried out for Britain’s Got Talent in 2018, this was without a doubt a very important piece of information to have. He taught himself to play the drums when he was 18 months old, and he’s simply wonderful with music, it’s in his blood, according to his mother, who also noted that. “He taught himself to play the drums when he was 18 months old.” In point of fact, Calum seems to be talented with music. Tupney Courtney feels that her son, Calum, has taken after both of his maternal grandparents, who were successful performers on the West End stage.

In the footage that can be seen below, the judges question Calum whether he was worried before he stepped out on stage. Calum gave the impression of being timid and replied in a nice and subdued tone, but it seemed as if the judges were not persuaded by his performance. As soon as the small child started singing, on the other hand, people began to assume that he was most certainly not anxious. Those who were watching Calum were treated to an outstanding and unforgettable rendition of Who’s Loving You, a song originally performed by the Jackson 5.

It has been said by a number of individuals, including members of the crowd, that he has the voice of an angel. The audience seems to concur with this remark. The tone of Calum’s voice is exquisite, and he nails each and every note perfectly. The crowd was filled with a large number of friends and family members of Calum who came to show their support for him. When Calum started playing, everyone looked like they were going through a lot of emotions.

Favorite of the Season

When Calum had done singing, he was greeted with rousing and enthusiastic applause, and all four of the judges stood up to give him a standing ovation. A simple “yes” and “thumbs up” from Simon Cowell. Judge David Williams described how Calum performed a huge song for a tiny boy, and he added that Calum did an excellent job and should be extremely proud of himself. Calum’s performance was praised by Judge David Williams.

This prompted the little youngster to become filled with emotion, at which point he started sobbing. Calum was shortly greeted by his younger brother, who walked out on stage and gave him a hug. The crowd, as well as others who saw the video on Youtube, shared the sentiment that this was an exceptionally wonderful moment. The judge, Amanda Holden, said that the response was “amazing” and called it “one of the largest reactions we’ve had for anyone.” She hoped that the tears that Calum was shedding were tears of joy.

After then, Simon Cowell was also antsy to provide his feedback on the performance. He proceeded by adding that Calum had a fantastic tone to his voice as well as absolutely commanding the song. He informed Calum that he had soul and that he had a genuine voice. He also said that Calum had an authentic voice. These were quite uplifting remarks to hear, and it seemed as if Calum was overtaken with happiness, as he was wiping tears from his eyes.

Laughter and Applause

In an interview with LADBible in 2018, Tupney Courtney stated the following about his performance on Britain’s Got Talent: “I’ve been completely taken aback by how kind everyone has been, and the fact that he has motivated such a significant number of people. Calum seems completely unconcerned by the spotlight, and as long as he is happy, we are as well.”

She went on to say that “Because Calum has autism, he derives so much positive from singing and, although he sometimes struggled in social settings and at school, singing makes him so happy,” adding that “Singing makes him so happy.”

Seeing Calum put his ability to such excellent use is a genuinely lovely sight. During an interview in 2017, Tupney Courtney was asked about the possibility of her son Calum pursuing a career in singing. Her response to the question was as follows: “Because it is not an easy task, the only way for him to determine whether or not he wants to do it as a career is for him to give it a shot. Because he spends so much time designing and constructing mansions in Minecraft, he believes that he will one day be able to afford to purchase one.” Should he decide to pursue a career in music, we want him to know that we will always support him in whatever decisions he makes.

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