On occasion, the internet will be overwhelmed with unique and touching dog tales that will leave you at a loss for words and unable to express how much they mean to people. The same can be said about Charice Fca Cha’s dog Lucky, who is now two years old, lives in Thailand, and is owned by Charice Fca Cha. Lucky quickly became well-known due to his interesting and unique physical characteristics, which contributed to his success.

Lucky has already established himself as a prominent figure for his age group just a few short weeks after being adopted. Lucky was born with the condition known as heterochromia, which is characterized by each eye developing a distinct coloring (light blue and brown). However, this condition is not the only issue that he has. His eyebrow is disproportionately huge, which contributes to the fact that he stands out from the crowd.

When Lucky’s owner started posting pictures of him being cute on the internet, the internet began to take notice of him. In spite of the fact that a large number of people are obsessed with it, there is a minority of individuals who have difficulty accepting the reality of the existence of this lovely and peculiar-appearing puppy.

In an interview with The Dodo, Charice said, “There are so many responses.” Some individuals exhibit shocked, excited, or astonished expressions. Everyone is eager to have a conversation with him.

She said that there are many who think she altered his appearance via picture editing or that she used a permanent marker to create an eyebrow on his face.

Even though he has a peculiar look, Lucky is happy and healthy, and he is pleased to have discovered someone who loves him deeply and completely.

Charice referred to him as “a extremely clingy person” in her description. He is always and everywhere else following me around.

Not the fact that Lucky has two distinct eye colors or that he has a black eyebrow is what Charice finds most unique about him; rather, it is their relationship. She envisions herself leading a happy life as long as she has that lovable and captivating puppy at her side.

Charice said, “I believe that we will have a joyful and very happy future together.”

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