Tom Cruise has had a prosperous career, and one of the pleasures of his life is his acquaintance with Princess Diana, who once remarked that she thought the actor was too short to date. Others have been left with a sour taste in their mouths as a result of Tom Cruise’s recent “budding up” with Prince William at the premiere of his newest film. This apparently innocuous move has left people feeling uncomfortable.

The commemoration of the Queen’s Jubilee has been a subject of discussion for a number of weeks at this point. Some people have chosen to focus on the royal family, while others are discussing the motivations for the attendance of certain celebrities at the June event.

One person who has been the subject of conversation is Tom Cruise, who played Goose in the film “Top Gun.” Cruise attended the ceremony and commended the monarch’s majesty as well as her loyalty to her nation while he was there, which caused some misunderstanding.

At the premiere of “Far and Away” at the Leicester Square Empire Cinema, Diana, Princess of Wales chats with stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman | Source: Getty Images

However, this was not the first time Cruise has engaged with the royal family since links between the two families have existed for many years. The actor was most recognized for his close relationship with Princess Diana.

When the Princess of Wales attended the premiere of “Far and Away” at the Empire, Leicester Square in London on July 30, 1992, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who was then his wife and starred in the television series “Genius,” were there to welcome her.

Later on, Diana would confide in her cook, Darren McGrady, that she had been invited to see the production of “Mission Impossible” at the Pinewood Studios in London. She would add that the invitation had come from Tom Cruise. She was curious as to whether or if William and Harry, who were just children at the time, would like it.

She returned to the house after taking the boys and reported to McGrady that William and Harry had enjoyed every second of the explosives. As she left the kitchen, she stated to McGrady: “The boys loved every second of the explosions.”

“Darren, you may cross another item off the list now. He is really too little!”

Diana was familiar with Cruise and had even entertained the idea of dating him; but, the actor most known for his role in “Oblivion” was too tall to meet her requirements for a lover. It is also important to remember that the princess would sneak out of Buckingham Palace on several occasions to go watch Tom Cruise in “Jerry Maguire” with her close friend and novelist Stewart Pearce. This is a fact that cannot be overlooked.

It’s a terrible irony that five years after meeting Cruise, the princess died away. Her burial was held at Westminster Abbey in London, and the actor and his wife were there to pay their respects, along with Tom Hanks and a number of the princess’ other prominent acquaintances.


Even after thirty years had passed since their first encounter, the actor could not help but recollect that Prince William was a film buff. He learnt that William was a huge admirer of the first Top Gun movie, so he invited him and his wife, Kate Middleton, to the premiere of the new Top Gun: Maverick film. He also knew that William loved the first film. In addition to that, they watched the movie when it was shown.

In addition, Cruise learned that he and William had another activity in common with one another. Both of them have previous experience flying aircraft. When asked about his appreciation for William, Cruise shared his thoughts as follows:

“We are both pilots, and England is one of our favorite countries. We have a passion for air travel.”

The conversation that took place between the royals and the actor at the ceremony gives the impression that their connection is more one of friendship than anything else.


On May 19, 2022, in London, England, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, together with Tom Cruise, arrived for the Royal Film Performance of “Top Gun: Maverick” in Leicester Square. The film was being shown as part of the Royal Film Performance.

Whether they are on official duty or participating in a variety of royal events, members of the royal family are required to adhere to a number of different protocols. Since childhood, everyone in the family has followed these traditions.

Even though the members of the royal family are supposed to adhere to these protocols to the letter, there are sometimes slip-ups, such as the one that occurred during Middleton and William’s night at the “Top Gun: Maverick” premiere.

When Cruise and Middleton were climbing a flight of stairs together, Cruise extended his hand to Middleton in a gesture of gallantry, and Middleton took it without hesitation. It’s possible that he did something kind out of the kindness of his heart, but it turns out that what he did was against the rules.

When Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge comes to the “Top Gun: Maverick” Royal Film Performance in Leicester Square on May 19, 2022 in London, England, she is escorted by the famous actor Tom Cruise. The event is being held in the United Kingdom.

It has been well-established for a very long time that no one is permitted to take the Queen by the hand unless she has given it to them in the first place. According to some stories, it is considered impolite to touch a member of the royal family.

In the case of Middleton, it would appear that she was aware that they had violated the protocol because as soon as Cruise let go of her hand, she moved her bag to the hand that he had held in order to prevent him from holding it again as they climbed more stairs. This suggests that she was aware that they had done so.

As is the case with practically all of the measures taken by the royal family, the incident has caused a rift in public opinion. When Cruise offered to hold the duchess’ hand, some people think he was only being kind and trying to be a gentleman.

According to Yahoo! News, a commenter on Twitter wrote, “He is always a gentleman and never forgets for a second how to act in public,” and the quote was included in the article. Others have expressed their adoration for the Hollywood actor for his gesture, adding that he became a “Prince Charming” for the duchess of Cambridge.

Others, on the other hand, thought that the action, despite the fact that it had been done with good intentions, was reprehensible. Another person noted that while it was not unprecedented for a commoner to interact with a member of the royal family, it was still rather uncommon.

Omid Scobie, a royal biographer, was interviewed by the editor of Yahoo! News to give some light on the situation. He said that there were no formal restrictions against touching a member of the royal family, and that everything came down to what was considered appropriate in society.

He revealed that despite the fact that many things are thought to be proper royal procedure, they are not. Scobie was under the impression that the duchess would not have extended her hand to Cruise if she had had the duke’s approval for the gesture. He added:

“Things might have turned out far worse. The absolute worst thing that could happen is for her to fall down while attending a royal film premiere.”

It’s possible that Tom Cruise is making up his relationship with the royal family.

Many people believe that Tom Cruise is only being kind with Prince William and Kate Middleton by asking them to the premiere of his film. Others, on the other hand, seem to believe that he is using an industrial strategy that has been around for decades and is known as the “brand halo effect.”

The goal is to surround oneself with positive influences with the hope that some of those qualities may eventually become innate in you. The final consequence is that you will seem favorably, which might result in endorsements or other advantages that would be impossible to get otherwise.

For instance, in the case of Tom Cruise, it is stated that hanging out and being friends with the Cambridges is extremely likely to give his new film the “royal stamp of approval,” which will lead to a rise in public awareness and, as a consequence, greater sales.

According to these same sources, Cruise was allegedly engaging in such behavior throughout the time of his fleeting acquaintance with the Princess of Wales far before William and Middleton.

When Tom Cruise was asked what he thought of the Cambridges attending the premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick,” he responded by saying that he considered it a pleasure, adding that he felt honored and appreciative towards them for their support of the arts.

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