The story of how an elderly man’s cat helped save his life brings the man to tears.

One day, when Ron Williams, who was 84 at the time, was coming out of the shower, he fell. He was alone in the room and lay helpless on the floor for the better part of 18 hours. He recalled a technique that his cat, Fluffy, was familiar with, and as a last resort, he decided to try it out…

He began shouting “Ring-a-ding” whenever his phone rang, and the cat gradually caught on to the phrase that he was saying.

In this precarious situation, he addressed his animal companion and spoke the aforementioned remark. A few seconds later, the guy realized that he still had the phone in his hand. Because of this conduct, Ron is still alive today, and Fluffy is living evidence that cats can also be a man’s best friend!

By Elen

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